Friday, December 9, 2016


I was reading posts on FB yesterday, seeing that people are worn down and exhausted by the tweets by the President Elect (I just threw up a little in my mouth).  The thought occurs to me: what if we all stopped engaging in conversations about his tweets?  They are nothing more than infantile rants which hold no official sway, and he's using them to distract from the real news of his transition team and Carrier deals (so called).  His tweets are causing loyalists to act out violently.  Ok, so maybe that is newsworthy.  But, still...So here's my draft to media outlets:

Dear Editor,
In the name of journalism worthy of our great nation, I implore you to stop printing and broadcasting news of the President Elect's "tweets" on his Twitter account.

His tweets have become a terrible distraction, diverting us from the real news of his transition and future presidency.  My guess is that this is his strategy.  My fear is that he will use tweets instead of press conferences and official statements, thus avoiding questions from the Fourth Estate.  This should undoubtedly be your concern as well. Up to now I have found great humor and pathos in this form of communication from him, but I realize that the entertainment value is hollow and we must now focus on the real news at hand.   

Furthermore, his tweets are stirring up frenzied emotions, which is the last thing our country needs now.  It is the media's job to hold public officials' feet to the fire, especially in times like these.  The citizenry require sober analysis of what is going on with our nation's highest office and administration.  Not tabloid news.  By all means, cover the news about his appointments.  Investigate his every move, vigorously.  But please, no more tweet drama.

So, please, do your job.  Stop doing his job for him.  Our nation is at stake.

Short and sweet, wouldn't you say?  Please borrow it and send to the  news outlets that you pay attention to.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday Musings - Turkey for Days

I've not been a big fan of turkey meat until recently.  Three years ago we began to BBQ our turkey and the results have been...well, fantastic.  We had quite a bit of leftover meat from Thursday, and at first I attempted to foist it off on folks.  No takers.  They were turkeyed out.

Lucky for us, because I've made some really yummy meals from the leftovers.  First night, I made turkey pot pie, and used the gravy I made for that.  Then, I made a giant pot of turkey broth in my pressure cooker.  45 minutes and done!  With that broth, I made a turkey tortilla soup for our dinner last night.  It was delicious, and the kicker is I made up the recipe myself.

I'm pretty good at sussing out what's in the pantry and frig and throwing meals together from that.  I had a large stack of corn tortillas that needed eating or they'd soon be ready for the compost.  So I fried up a big bunch of tortilla chips.  I cook on the fly.  Often without a recipe.

A little frozen corn, canned diced green chilies, salsa Verde, I had cheddar cheese on hand.  And all that great turkey broth with some meat shredded into it.

We're going to end up having about 5 meals from that one turkey!  And I'm freezing the left over soup in order to have it when we have guests next weekend. 

I just may end up having a Christmas turkey as well, now that I know how versatile this little gobbler is.  We buy really good fresh turkey at our local coop.  It's expensive compared to the frozen mass produced stuff, but the taste difference is remarkable.

I've been fairly blah about cooking these past few weeks, but feel re-energized.  I'm happy, also, that each dish has been a hit with the mister as well.  It's a win-win.

Do you have a favorite post-Thanksgiving recipe to share?  I'm open to any and all ideas!  Oh my, this just popped into my head:  Turkey Mole

Holy Mole!

Friday, November 25, 2016


We did it!  We made it though Thanksgiving.  How about you?  We cooked the turkey on the grill for the third year in a row.  I've done it every which way, with a roasting pan on top of the grate, bare ass turkey on top of the grate, and turkey in ceramic pot down low next to the coals.  I think this years method was the most successful.  Down low, you get ash in the drippings.  No good gravy from that mess.  Up bare ass naked you have the same problem:  your drip pan is underneath next to the coals.  Ash issues.  On top in its own pan, perfect.  It blows my mind that a 13 lb turkey only takes 2.5 - 3 hours to cook and you don't have to baste one single time.

We took said turkey over to the kids' in Sacramento.  The usual suspects, and boy do we like them!  Fun people, smart, humorous, with several smart as a whip kids to boot.

There was the usual after dinner dance off in the living room.  We do allow for some digestion before hand, we're not crazy.

The best was the Daddy's Dance -- big strapping guys who barely moved at all.  I mean really, they need some belly dancing lessons to loosen up those hips!  I laughed until I was coughing.  I escaped participation this year.  Feeling a tad too full.

Then we stopped by my parents on our way home.  Totally different vibe.  Quiet civility around the fireplace, polite conversation, dad with his chef's coat on spinning tales we've all heard a gazillion times.  Some things never change.  And mom, well, she was just wiped out.  We didn't stay long.  Next year, with any luck, we'll have dinner with them at the retirement home.  The other house is more fun, but our time with my folks is short, and so.

We were sent home with homemade Hamantaschen and was I ever grateful.  Little triangular cookies filled with preserves, kind of like the thumbprint cookies of my youth.  Usually eaten at Purim, Gail decided what the hell, and brought them all the way from New York City.  She even made the fillings:  apricot jam, poppy seed and fig.  Oh. Yum.

Gail and I also discovered we will both be at the Women's March in DC in January.  She's only coming down for the day, so it's unlikely we'll meet up, but we exchanged cell phone numbers just in case.  She's a feisty lady, a --dare I say it? -- Nasty Woman.  Sometimes to the horror of her children.  Good job, Gail, I say.  If you can still embarrass your children when you're an elder, more power to you!

Now for a quiet weekend.  But first, I'm donating blood tomorrow morning.  Then, it's all relaxation, all the time.  I'll be in my sheepskin slippers and sweat pants.  Ah.......

Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Musings

I visited with my parents today for the first time since the election.  I took Lucy over so mom could cuddle with her.  They both love it.

We had a nice little lunch, dad shared his new book of memoirs that is in process of being published, and shared some written reports from his school when he was there in 1947, 48, 49.  Turns out he was quite the little trouble maker, and not so great with the grades, either.  We all had a good laugh about that.  Mom smiled a lot when he was telling stories.  She didn't talk a lot, and when she did, not much made sense.  Parkinson's dementia is a bitch.  She was sporting a nice new hair cut, though, and when she said she got it 2 days ago dad corrected her, "That was yesterday!"  Five minutes later he chimed in that she was, indeed, correct and it had been 2 days.  Mom beamed.  So, sometimes her brain is quite sharp.  It's perplexing.

We did not talk politics.  At all.  It won't take much to send me screaming and pulling out my hair.  I think perhaps they know this.  My husband and I are struggling with our feelings about them, since they voted for der Drumpf.  Going over there today felt a bit like sleeping with the enemy.  I say this in all seriousness.  What good little Germans they are.

I wish I could just take pity on them and love them anyway, but their choice has me grieving at a deep level.  Of course I still love them, but I wish their hearts weren't so black.  Nothing I can do about it.  No point in saying anything at all to them.  Every time I read about another school spray painted with swastikas, or a Muslim woman getting her scarf ripped off her head, or our VP Elect who has stated he will roll back marriage equality, well, I just think of my parents and say, "Thanks a lot, assholes."  

It's oddly disconcerting to be in the room with them and that big giant elephant lurking in the corner, tapping her toe with impatience.  I know a blow up is going to come, I just don't know when.  Funny story: the lady who lives in the apartment across the hall from their new place has a Hillary for President sign on her door side table!  They are moving to the People's Republic of Davis, one of the most progressive towns in the county.  On one trip over to the apartment, dad actually turned the sign over and I promptly righted it.  Asshole.

There are all kinds of memes and cartoons right now about how awkward this Thanksgiving will be for many families.  Duh.  We're lucky, though, and instead of going to my parent's home, we're going to my husband's family who are a bunch of freakin' Jewish lefties, with a few from NYC visiting, and a gorgeous man from Senegal who has married into the family.  And everyone is incredibly lovely: causal, smart, funny.  They are an exuberant bunch and dancing contests have been known to break out in the living room.   My people!

They are the ones who will cheer me on in Washington, DC come January.  I'm not even sure I'm going to tell my parents I'm going.  It might just cause mom too much stress.  Our trip to Cuba in 2015 had them extremely nervous (guess they thought we'd be murdered in the streets by those filthy communists) and our 2016 trip to Paris soon after the bombings had them climbing the walls (guess they thought we'd be murdered in the streets by those filthy Muslims).

So, to all of you who may have to spend Thanksgiving with the enemy, I'm sorry.  Just eat fast and 
S C R A M, is all I can say.