Friday, August 30, 2013


TGIF, bitches.  I'm finally getting over this damned cold.  My re-entry to life after vacation was abrupt and harsh.  I want to go back to the wilds of Alaska, where the only thing I have to fear is BEAR.  And, of course, fear itself.

The news is just bad.  Bad for the world, and certainly bad for my soul.  Fires, wars, pestilence, and rampant stupidity. 

Luckily, a dear woman loaned me a stack of DVDs that I have been enjoying immensely.   Last night I watched "Girl Play," which sounds really raunchy (nothing wrong with that) but was a very funny movie that included none other than Dom De Luise and Mink Stole (of John Waters fame).  The movie critic website Rotten Tomatoes gave the 2007 movie some piss-poor reviews, but I found in entertaining as hell.  But I'm a lesbian - what do I know?

I think I will be taking a news holiday for this Labor Day.  Isn't Labor Day holiday kind of a joke these days?  If we really cared about and honored our citizens' labor,  those fast-food workers would be earning $15 an hour!  Christ on a bike, could YOU live on $7.50?  Didn't think so.

I hope you find your comfy niche this weekend.  Mine's around here somewhere.


  1. "...been readin' the news
    it all looks bad
    they won't give peace a chance
    it was just a dream some of us had..."

    I hardy think of world anymore, just planet.

    1. thank you for Joni's words...our existence is just a big ol' mobius strip, isn't it?

  2. Happy Aloha Friday! Hope you keep feeling better.

  3. Weird, I thought my knowledge of lesbian movies was good, but I haven't seen that one. It's funny you say? I might go get it! :-)

    1. well worth it - check out Wolfe Video on line.

  4. So glad the crud is finally making its exit! It's persisted far too long.