Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gas me Once, Shame on you, Gas me Twice....

Yeegads...laughing gas again!  I went to have my permanent crown installed yesterday, and I'm such a big baby that they gave me gas for that procedure.  Well, truth be told, they did have to poke me several places to put gum numbing pain killer in my jaw, and it hurt like bloody hell, so I'm glad I  had the gas.

And the laughing gas is a gift that just keeps on giving.  There was James Taylor again, singing several songs in the course of my visit.  He is the 'easy listening' go-to guy, apparently.

I probably wasn't fit to drive home, but being high like I was, I was sure I was okay behind the wheel.  No driving mishaps, but upon getting home, I napped.  And napped.  And slept.  Right through dinner time.  So heavy...you are getting sleepy...very sleepy.  I couldn't shake it, so I gave in.  What choice did I have?

Woke up at midnight and watched a recorded episode of Breaking Bad.  That show really really got dark.  Last time I watched I said to myself, "no more."  It was too gruesome.  But in my haze last night, I watched 75 minutes.  Walt needs to hurry up and die.

This morning, finally, I feel as if I have a clear head.  Or as clear as it's gonna get.  Whew.


  1. They must have given you a LOT of nitrous as I have it everytime i can in the office for any procedure to make it easier on my TMJ with ideally less Novocaine and they always clear it out with oxygen at the end where I don't leave feeling any of it. I sure enjoy it while it's there though ;) I had some horribly painful experiences with the dentist as a child and it's hard to not think of that when going in (and I'm due for two crowns and maybe a root canal the middle of October. The hope is they can do it all on one day. Maybe I can avoid the root canal but they weren't sure and worse if my office decides they can't, I'll have to go to a specialist for it. ack! That's going to hurt and our bank account more than any because my husband also needs a crown and fixing a bridge. We put off two of those items but now figured we better do it and get it behind us. Thanks goodness for nitrous is all I can say ;)

    1. yeah, the first time (10 days or so ago) they adequately cleared it with oxygen; this time, not so much. It really wiped me out.

  2. I love that photo. I thought at first that you were in a spaceship. Then, I realized that you are... mind flight on nitrous!

    We never watched any of Breaking Bad. The whole story line sounded dark and gruesome. I get enough of that in the headlines.

  3. well, that's over!

    rain -- it is worth it to get the work done! fingers crossed they can just take care of the root canal at the same time.

  4. I never watched Breaking Bad, then heard so many that it was well done, so we are watching season one. Wow, it is unlike anything else! As for nitrous... a fabulous invention!!