Thursday, October 17, 2013


Moving.  Is there anything more horrific?  Even with my relatively few items and a very small household, moving was an ordeal.  And I was very organized.  Things are coming together, but I won't have internet service until next Thursday.  I'm at the folks' right now which is why I can post at all.

The day after my move, I had a speaking engagement in the morning.  I'm a motivational speaker for Stop Stigma Sacramento and I spoke to two classes of 9th grade students.  They were engaged and had lots of questions.  I loved it.

The next day I had a morning photo field trip at the Sacramento Zoo.  The subject was "Humor."  Here's my humor shot:

Though, I like this one, too.  My teacher preferred the first one, though he understood why the second one is funny. Other students took much more hilarious photos.  Oh well.  More power to 'em.

My teacher has also sold me, literally, on the Fujfilm X-E1 camera, which is on mega sale right now at B&H in NYC.  It's an expensive camera, but I've seen what it can do and I'm impressed.  And it is light-weight.  Google it if you're interested.  It's a mirror-less digital camera, with excellent lenses and amazing resolution -- you can enlarge digital images to very large sizes without losing quality.  That's been a problem so far for me with my Cannon Rebel XL.  Anything larger than an 8x10 doesn't look good.  It's a big investment, but it's the logical choice in my continuing adventure with photography.

So, whew, I'm exhausted from moving, but I'm uber happy about it all.  And I'm loving my photo class.  And I'm dating a wonderful woman.  And I spent a lot of money on kitchen equipment -- I left everything with my ex. 

Except my Kitchen Aid mixer. 

Over my dead body.


  1. Glad to see a post here, Tara. I wondered if maybe you weren't internet connected yet.

    Moving is so much work. It occurred to us once that when we move we literally touch EVERYTHING in the house. Oy. Unpacking is much more fun than packing.

    Looking forward to seeing your new camera photos!

  2. So glad the move went well and you are settled in, KitchenAide mixer and all.

  3. Moving, such a necessary evil sometimes... Glad you survived and hope that you and your mixer will be very happy there!