Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Of Cars and Cameras

Well, the Prius is being towed to the dealer because it is deader than the proverbial doornail. Who knows what's wrong, but I'm hoping it's an easy fix that doesn't require that I sell my firstborn to pay for it. She'd probably have a problem with that.

On the sunny side of life, I've connected with a small, new art gallery in Ashland Oregon and they are interested in representing some of my work.  Of all the art galleries in all the world, I happened to get turned onto one in Ashland.  Love that town.

I've had wood framed canvas prints made out of a couple of my images, and I think for some photos this method of display will work nicely, like this one.  12 x 12 and ready to hang.

I've been walking my new neighborhood a lot, and will be posting photos on my Wordless Wednesday posts.  Great old houses, fun Halloween decorations (this town knows how to do Halloween) and lots of tree shots, of course, in the City of Trees.  Having a ton of fun!


  1. Excellent news! Very happy for your renewal of latent talent (latent/talent....looks like a word game) and that you have an outlet for sharing your Art!! I'm all for you, too, T.!

    1. Thanks, Laine. As you well know, we creative types just can't help but produce....it's like breathing.

  2. I like the image with the framed photo in it. That's a very cool pic.