Friday, January 3, 2014


First TGIF of 2014. I continue to find inspiring things, such as this: Focus on people who make you feel loved, connected, cared for, and worthy.

That's from the site Tiny Buddha, which I love. Sometimes it's so difficult to pull away from people who make you feel bad about yourself, or consistently disappoint you. The reasons vary, but the end result is sticking around for more of the same is just a waste of our precious time.

On this Friday, I am going to be spending time with two great friends who are reliably fun to be with Freight and Storage in Berkeley. The artist is Eve Decker, whose latest cd has just dropped and this is the release party. I donated to Eve's cd fundraising site, and so I received a free ticket to go, and decided to include my friends. 
and with whom I can be my authentic self. We're going to a concert at

It should be a very good TGIF, indeed.  Hope yours is as well, and enjoy the weekend ahead!


  1. Replies
    1. it was more than great...I vow to return to Saul's Deli and to the concert venue -- a great place that gets a lot of great musicians on a regular basis.

  2. I was just thinking that I have gone from wanting to hang out with people who were successful/beautiful/popular to wanting to hang out with people I feel good around. The shift happened in high school. I'm much happier now.

  3. Being your own authentic self is priceless. We need more people like that around us.

    1. yes, yes we do! it's only when we bring out true selves to the table that we experience our lives to the fullest, and add to the lives of others.