Friday, March 21, 2014


Two movies to recommend this Friday:  Ponette and Blue is the Warmest Color.  Both extraordinary movies, French with English subtitles, both award winners.  The acting is flawless, and in Ponette, the main characters are very young children.  How the heck did the director get such fine acting out of such young people?  Doesn't look or feel like acting at either movie.  They feel as if you are a fly on the wall, observing the scenes of real life.  Blue is a 2013 winner at Cannes.   And available to downstream on Netflix.  Ponette is available on DVD from Netflix or you can purchase on Amazon (at a hefty price of $97).

Both intensely personal, emotionally shattering, compelling in both the storyline and the acting.

Rarely have I been so moved by a film(s).

Thank Gawd It's Friday, you have a whole weekend to watch.

Out in theaters, I recently watched Tim's Veermer.  A documentary on one man's vision and labors to unravel the mystery of the Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer, known and loved for his extraordinary use of light in his work.  It's mostly showing in small art houses, so if it's in your town you'd better get a hustle in your bustle before it's gone.

These movies are all an antidote to big Hollywood blockbusters.  These are movies with real heart, real characters and the stuff of real life.  No fantasy action stuff here.  No siree.

Have a great weekend!

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