Sunday, April 6, 2014

As Time Goes By

Posting about my grandson got me to thinking about how fast a life goes by.  He's so big now...of course I went back and looked at photos of the newborn he once was, and me holding him moments after his arrival.

The photo here is of my daughter when she was about his age now.  It was taken on a camping trip to Mono Hot Springs and she is playing the hippie chick oh so well.

I have a gazillion photos of my girl.  They take me back to some pretty sweet memories.  She's doing the same with her son.  It all passes so quickly.  I remember people telling me that when I 1.) graduated from High School 2.) got married 3.) graduated from college, 4.) had my baby.  Each time, I thought, "yeah yeah yeah."  But now I know how true it is.  I try to keep it to myself.


  1. an old tired cliche comes to mind, here it's true...

    "too bad youth is wasted on the young".