Tuesday, August 19, 2014


You don't need the brainpower of the great Carl Jung to figure this dream out:

Coming home to my apartment in the middle of the city.  My ground floor abode in a high-rise building.  On a lark I decide to get on the elevator and ride to the top.  Up, up, up I go, occasionally greeting fellow riders on the way.  I wonder how it could have taken me so long to make this trip -- I've lived in the building forever.

When I reach the top floor, the elevator opens to a large open space with windows and a deep plush carpet.  There are a couple of folks hanging out there and they greet me.  I marvel at the spaciousness of it all, and they claim that, not only is it spacious, but it costs very little to heat and cool it.  It maintains a steady temperature year round.  But the best part, they say, is outside on the roof. So, out I go.

The view is spectacular!  Not my street level tableau at all, but a view of water, mountains beyond, the city skyline.  The roof is so large, there is a hillock in the center where a group of people sit on a stone patio surrounded by a low wall, enjoying the evening and the vistas.  How in the world could I have not possibly been up here before?  Just look at this!  I'd been living below this, far below, for all these years and never come up here.  Never mind.  I am here now.  And I'll be back.


  1. Wow! Yep! Yessiree! Yippee! Thanks so much for writing down your dream and posting it here today (-: