Monday, August 4, 2014

It's Marrying Day

We're a modern couple.  We move in first, and then we get married.  Tomorrow we go to the courthouse for a civil ceremony that will be very casual and witnessed by my parents.

We are eschewing a 'wedding,' feeling that is it quite unnecessary and not "us" at all.  I already feel married, actually.  At 57, a traditional wedding feels rather comedic.  We will have our civil ceremony and then go to  lovely lunch at Biba with my parents, who are tickled pink at this wonderful turn of events in my life.  The Mister and I feel this is a serious undertaking, and it has great meaning for us.  We feel it is private, intimate, and simple in its lack of fuss and bother.  It's the way we want it, and at our ages, we get to do what WE WANT!

photo by The Mister
I never saw this coming.  The Mister was the biggest surprise of my adult life.  I thought I was a dyed in the wool lesbian, or, at least as I tended to say, a "bisexual lesbian."  Sexual politics can be weird sometimes, and I've know former gay and bisexual people who ended up with opposite sex partners only to lose the friendships with their queer compadres.  Or trans people who lost all their queer friends--and maybe hetero friends as well.  I, however, am a lucky woman, who has the full support and love of my queer friends, my straight friends and family, my trans family, my hippie family and my republican family.  Truly a rainbow!  But it happens, I believe, because LOVE is LOVE and people can see it a mile away.  They love you, and they are happy for you. 

As we sat in our new home this evening, exhausted from another day of unpacking, we shared a cocktail, cheese and crackers, and marveled at how perfect this all is.  I could almost succumb to L'Embarras des richesses, but I won't.  Because when life is this good, it's time to full-on celebrate.  To be humble, for certain, but to luxuriate in one's good fortune.

I believe in celebrating and honoring love in all its manifestations.  It is as varied as we are.  I feel incredibly lucky, and deserving of this solid love.

We got a chance
Hot dog darlin'
We got a chance
No more no more
Fly-by-night romance
We got this solid love
Love has always made me
Feel so uneasy
I couldn't relax and just be me
More like some strange disease
Than this solid love

Tested and blessed darlin'

I'm gonna give you my very best
You're my hope
You're my happiness
Open my heart you do
Open my heart
You do
Yes you do

Joni Mitchell, 1982

Voici pour vous ma douce homme, Je t'aime tellement beaucoup.


  1. Sounds beautiful -- congratulations to you and your mister. I hope you'll share some pictures!

  2. There has been such joyful music in your life lately. A solid love for sure. Much love always to you and the Mister!

  3. You are right. Love is love. Congratulations to you both.

  4. Well you two made a lot of people happy who haven't even met you either one-- like me. I think it's great and as someone who writes about love, I totally get that it's about that other's soul (not using that term religiously either). When we find that connection, we need to grab on, and it is what you two did. Mucho wishes for happiness for you both :)

  5. So happy for you and your wonderful new love. What a wild joyride of a lifetime!