Friday, September 5, 2014


Another Friday rolls around.  I just realized today is the one-month anniversary of our wedding.  Seems like it happened a long time a good way!  It feels as if I have always been with him.

A little over a month in the new house.  Framed art is up, towel racks and medicine cabinets installed.  Curtain rods, too.  Every installation required 2 trips to the hardware store.  We bitched and moaned (cursed, too) and laughed our way through it.  Road trips and home improvement projects are always a good test of a relationship.

I had the road trip from hell with a girlfriend a couple of years back.  It was dark and surreal, and had me wondering just the what in the world was going on -- what alternate universe had I stepped in to?  It was the beginning of the end of that love affair.  (Please, share your road trip horror story...I want to know that I'm not alone.)

How different my life with the mister is.  No drama.  Actual discussion and reasoned interaction.  Fun, good humor and the presumption of innocence.  (My trip from hell actually involved the GF having full length discussions between her and myself, but completely in her own mind.  Didn't share with me until she had worked herself into a frenzy.  It's like your partner and you are sleeping, they wake up from a tumultuous dream and are pissed off at you for what you did in their dream.)

Anywhoooo....we had a good week.  Endured hot, muggy night to listen to big band music at Central Park.  My daughter began teaching her seniors in high school this week and is ecstatic about it all.

Music in Central Park

The hummingbirds have found the feeder we installed just outside our office window.  I just saw two of them out there, but the scene is so back-lit that I didn't even attempt a photograph.  Our weekend is full - bike club breakfast, lunch with friends and hopefully a bike ride or two.

Here's wishing you a fabulous Friday and something fun to amuse and delight you!


  1. I love reading this. Your happiness is a beautiful thing, Tara.

    1. Thanks Robin. I always know you are in my corner. I'm wearing our twin shirt today and thinking of you -- you know, the faux paisley? I always think of you when I wear it.