Friday, November 7, 2014


If cotton is the fabric of my life, then this is the play list of my life:

  • The Band, The Last Waltz
  • Otis Redding, Dock of the Bay
  • Joni Mitchell, ALL
  • Buffalo Springfield, For What it's Worth
  • Bob Dylan, I Shall Be Released, etc. etc. etc.  
  • Marshall Tucker Band, Can't You See
  • Soundtrack from Woodstock, the movie
  • Joan Baez, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, etc. etc.
  • Linda Ronstadt, Heart Like a Wheel (the whole dang album)
  • Jackson Browne, most, too numerous to name
  • Eric Clapton, Bell Bottom Blues, Layla, Cocaine
  • Bill Withers, Lean on Me
  • Marvin Gaye, Let's Get it On, Sexual Healing

This is a very partial list.  But after this week, I've been listening to my old music a lot.  First, my mom fell and broke a vertebrae in her back.  I spent the entire night with her in the ER, sleeping when I could, lying across three plastic chair with a pillow and my lovely electric throw blanket (I know the ER is always cold, so....).  Then having to intervene when my dad, who is a control freak, fired the first care giver we hired to take care of mom at home.  I had to work some magic there, since he felt extremely upset, defensive and confused.  My experience with professional care given helped immensely.  Dad and I came to certain agreements and wrote them down for future reference.  He said I was a "Godsend."  That felt good.  All subsequent care givers have worked out well.

Of course I'm blown away by the number of states who elected republicans to Washington DC.  I must really be out of sync with the United States.  I didn't believe all the pundits prior to the election when they predicted a huge GOP win.  Oy.  I needed a couple gin and tonics on election night.  I just may stay high for the next couple of years.

After my night at the hospital, and then a night at my folks' home, it's fantastic to be back home with my darling husband.  Today we continue our quest to improve our garden: we've had soil delivered and half wine barrels and will begin to transplant trees and flowers.  Few things bring me as much pleasure as gardening.  And my husband, of course, but he is not a 'thing.'

Hope you find your pleasure this weekend.


  1. A great post about reality, what we sometimes do that we wish we didn't have on our plate and ending with the upbeat of looking toward the future and finding the joy that is there. :)

  2. As I was thinking about your post, I remembered how baffled I was when Richard Nixon was elected in November of 1968. There were so many of us voting against the war, I thought. Things were going to change. The war was going to be over. How could Nixon possibly have won? But did Nixon REALLY win? In reality? I don't think so.

    Your house is lovely. Good to be gardening.

    Sending love to you and your husband and your mother and your father and grateful for the music that holds things together in a way nothing else can.

  3. Wonderful music list. I always go back to the oldies to calm my heartbroken heart. The election news was so disappointing, but that's only because I keep having hope. Hope is probably the next best thing to actually having a country look and feel the way I would like it to. But you know me, I spend a lot of time feeling hopeless too. I just can't seem to stop caring about the world.

    So glad you are there to take care of your mom and dad. Hope all is working out and healing has begun. And, your garden is the repository of love.

  4. Love all your comments, your input, and your understanding. Today: more gardening! It's one of the very few things I actually can control. Until the gophers invade, that is. Shoot.

  5. Things around here in our previously moderate State went so red that all I could see was red. From County Commissioners to State Supreme Court Justices, to Appeals Court Justices, General Assembly, US Representative and US Senator the GOP members took it all. I haven't watched any returns or any "news" not even PBS Newshour. Kept my iPod with its "oldies" playlist on most of the time. Can't wait to see the results of your gardening. Hope your mom is doing better at home. And that your dad will see the need to relax a bit and choose his battles.