Friday, January 9, 2015


"Dedicated to all people suffering from war, who, no matter what they are like, are humans just like us. Sincerely, from Sharifah Hanna, age 14"  Out of the mouths of babes.  What must kids in France be thinking right now?  Christian kids, Muslim kids, kids who don't believe in a God who has his/her hands in everything?  How unstable is their world right now?  How unstable is ours?

my daughter, Denver Zoo

 I Wish for Peace 

When times of sorrow Come each day, 
I always feel sad And sigh away. 
Always a war needs fighting 
Always a life, suffering, 
Oh, how I wish, I wish for peace.
Though, I know, 'tis a test Laid for us by God, That the day comes Of no more burden, 
No more load. 
A time of love, 
A time of ease, 
Oh, how I wish, 
I wish for peace. 
But, what would I give 
For people to always get along, 
Instead of shouting curses 
To, maybe, sing a song? 
 I hope, I will live To see my dream come true, 
As, I hope, your dreams do too. 
Right now, I will wish, I wish for peace.


  1. I see that hope in the kind of people my grandchildren are. I just hope that those who follow the Islamic religion will begin to turn on these terrorists, will report them when they realize they are radicalized. Just as we have radicals in other movements like environment, animal rights, various religions, it takes the others in the groups to speak out against them and actively work toward a world of peace. It's not going to be easy and hardest of all for those in the groups who are threatened if they try to speak for ethical behavior.

    1. I suspect that it's not Islamic Koranic law that is the incendiary problem, but chauvinist patriarchy and medieval culture which creates the major problem in Muslim societies in flux with advanced modern progression.

  2. beautifully said, so important now Rain and Tara...steve

  3. And I will wish for peace as well. Every. Single. Day.