Saturday, February 7, 2015

TGIF - A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Antique Fair, Sacramento, Tara Crowley
Missed my usual TGIF post yesterday, but really, who cares?  Over the arc of history, my missives are but a speck in the universe.  And that's how it should be.  We are star-dust.

Watching a television show on Smithsonian Channel (great channel), hearing some guy talking about global warming.  If we don't make significant changes, we could lose the bulk of mammal species within the next 200 years.  I looked at my husband and commented that we could "live" with that.  If humans are such a scourge on the planet, maybe we ought to go.

But, on a more upbeat note, my husband, our friend Bob and I have been shooting at our local once a month antique fair for several months.  We each bring a very unique perspective to our shots.  Each very distinctive.  We are planning on self-publishing a book in the next couple of months about our antique fair wanderings.  We had a get together last week to take a look at our work, and to sort some basic ideas out.  It stretched my brain and got my creative juices flowing.  Everyone brought thoughtful comments to the table.  Some smart-ass ones as well.  Of course.

We're finally getting rain from the so-called Pineapple Express, and while it's not as much as we'd hoped for, it's still good.  We're popping over to friends' anniversary party; I'm making hot artichoke dip.  We're leaving for Cuba in a month, so I'm treasuring these low key days until then.

Hope you are enjoying this weekend, doing what you want to do and nothing else.


  1. I absolutely think that humans are a scourge on the planet. We have wrecked this beautiful earth and are making it uninhabitable for so many other animals. It's an ongoing tragedy.

    Your antique fair photography project sounds like fun.

  2. What Robin said! But, in the meantime---hot artichoke dip, Yummmn. Also---a foot of rain in the backyard and gale force winds. Maybe, finally, that nasty old Acacia tree will fall over. Just Singing In The Wind. :-)