Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Musings

I find creative people to be extremely fascinating.  In the last two months I've spent considerable time with two very well known photographers and it was instructive to watch them work and to hear their stories.  I have not seen their work spaces, however, and would very much like to.

This is my work space, untidy as always.  I wish it would stay neat and organized because frankly the clutter drives me up a wall.   But it always devolves thusly.  I must be getting some benefit, but what?

I share a room in the house with my husband who has his set up as well.  Decades of files, miles of music cds on the wall and camera equipment, cords, batteries, various and sundry items stuffed into drawers.

Let me embarrass myself further by saying that every day the desk is like this I resolve to clear it and organize it and put things away.  Sigh.

Someone posted a link to photos of modular offices that could be installed in one's backyard.  Oh, was I ever salivating at those photos.  The cost puts it out of my reach, but I can dream, can't I?

To have my own private creative space...a dome of silence where no man enters except for moi.  Quiet space for my mind to wander, to rest, to turn ideas over and over.

In the meantime, I am quite content to share a room with my husband. I know how lucky we are to have space at all.  In my old apartment I fashioned a workspace in a corner of my bedroom.  I used my bed to spread out prints for viewing and sorting.

It forced me to make the bed every damn day.


  1. My workspace is more cluttered when working on something. Notes, books, pieces of paper where I need to add details as I go, it's a cluttered mess right now ;). Like you, I enjoy having it neater-- but in the midst of something, there is no making it happen. (I always like to see where others work.)

  2. I don't have a work space except for my own brain. It's pretty cluttered up there too!