Friday, June 5, 2015


A whirlwind week.  Got the new shed painted.  Got 2 book projects finished (count 'em: 2!).  Had my monthly massage (yes, I know).  Had my fill of Jenner hate.  Have the full dvd set of Game of Thrones (thank you for the loan, Leslie).  Successfully problem solved for my parents and I did it all remotely.  Saved myself a car trip in crazy Friday afternoon traffic.

Wandered out to the blistering hot patio to make sure the dogs had water and spied this interesting play of shadow and light.

My husband is continuing to unearth treasures from his boxes in the garage.  Lovely pieces of Navajo, Hopi and Acama pottery.  Photography books by Craig Semetko, Peter Turnley, and the Leica Users Group.  Maybe we need more bookshelves.

Or maybe the SPCA Thrift Shop is going to get some real book treasures that they can turn into money for our furry friends.

Progress.  Forward movement.  I love the feeling.  One of the book projects I did was photos from the last four years -- since I left my marriage and moved to Sacramento.  Can you say "cathartic?" It all began six years ago when I cut my ties with the university-that-was-out-to-kill-me.  After years of fear and inaction (fear of poverty, inaction due to my need to maintain the status quo), when I finally moved off the mark, life just started to get better and better.  Nice to know that what the experts recommend ('just DO it') actually worked in my case.

So, here we are.  Almost 58 years old and the pieces have at last fit into place.  Completely aware that it could all change on a dime, so I'm not getting too smug.  I'm calling the book "Four Years of Joy and Gratitude." 

Not TOO New Age-y.


  1. I was just looking back at seven years of photos. Such an interesting thing to do, to document time with images. I would love to see your book. I hope you do it.

    1. Oh, I did it. I'll show it to you next time we get together.

  2. Wow. That paragraph beginning with "progress." You can't possibly know how much it means to me.