Friday, August 14, 2015


Another Friday.  Sheesh.

I'll share a couple of good Friday stories with you. 

I met with a new endocrinologist today to review my diabetes care.  I almost bailed on the appointment because, truly, endocrinologists can be the worst sort of wet blanket on the planet.  I have been managing this disease every damn day for nearly 25 years.  Sometimes I know more about it than the docs do.  Often times I have been confronted by dour-faced docs asking me if I want to live long enough to watch my grandchildren grow up.  WTF.  A tiny Iranian woman doc actually 'tsk tsk'd' me after looking at some labs.  I didn't go back to her.

So imagine my surprise and delight today when I met young Dr. Mark, who breezed into the exam room, shook my hand enthusiastically, reviewed my info and began to tell me what a remarkably good job I've been doing over the last quarter of a century!  I have no diabetic complications whatsoever and he was thrilled.  Really and truly thrilled.  He spent 45 minutes with me, in conversation, going over my history and making a few recommendations that were meaningful and helpful.  He even changed my insulin to something that he assures me will work better. The stuff I was on, his said, is really antiquated and he's surprised doctors still use it.

If you want to assess your risk for diabetes, go to this link.  Millions of people who have it are undiagnosed, with serious life threatening consequences.

Thank you, Dr. Mark, for restoring my faith in endocrinologists, and for providing a consultation that was illuminating and motivating.

Story #2:  We took my car into the car was today to have the interior detailed.  We left the vehicle there and walked down the street to have lunch.  When we returned, I opened the door to get in and saw the big coffee stain on the seat that prompted the whole detailing in the first place.  I asked staff about it and they asked to see my receipt.  They looked it over and -- oops!  They gave the car an external detailing instead.  They quickly vowed to make it right, and they did.  30 minutes later we got into a car with the cleanest damned upholstery you've ever seen.  So, I got a two-fer.  And a senior discount, since that is what they offered me right off the bat.  No questions asked, no age requirement apparently.  At 58, I do not look like a senior citizen, except my kids in their 20s who think every person over 30 is a senior.

Yay for a sparkling clean car, inside and out.

Hope your Friday was even half as good as mine!  Here's to a great weekend!


  1. That is such great news about the new doc and diabetes medication. Yay! It's amazing how a lot of doctors seem unbearably incompetent these days, so it is pretty wonderful that you found a smart and thoughtful one. And also, cool about the car detailing inside and out!

  2. So glad you have a reasonable doctor. Too many of them go with a cookie-cutter approach that assumes the patient is non-compliant and/or ignorant. Glad they made the "mistake" on your car and made it good. Good news.

  3. Great doctor story!

    You're killin' me with the "senior citizen" discounts -- being only weeks older than me. ;)