Friday, August 21, 2015


Happy Friday!  This week my husband and I drove to Reno, Nevada, to see Bernie Sanders at the University of Nevada.  It was a gathering filled with young and old, LGBTQ and straight, families, college students, retirees and every skin hue under the rainbow though whites were the majority.  It is Nevada, after all.

This family, below, represents the many families with infants and small children that were at the Joe Crowley Student Union.  Chubby babies all around with none crying at all.  I guess they were caught up in the excitement and the music.
 There were an estimated 4,500 people there, and when the venue filled up, the parking garage next to the outdoor venue was the perfect spot to get a great view.  Bernie said this was the first time he'd spoken to a parking garage full of people!
These buff older gals were whooping it up and dancing to the music.  I saw a lot of women my age and older.  They smiled when they saw me coming with my backwards baseball cap and my camera.  A lot of us were dressed inappropriately for our age.  Snicker.
It was a bleedin' hot day and the skies were dusted with smoke from the many fires in Northern California, but I'm so glad we went.  I think I know his speech by heart, now.  But some of the most inspiring words were from 2 college students who spoke before Bernie.  They spoke of their struggles, and their dreams that this country would live up to its potential.  They are our future, and they deserve a country that works for everyone, not just the top 10 percent.

If Bernie comes to your area, I recommend getting out to hear him.  I'm so excited by his candidacy, and his belief in the common sense and intelligence of our people.  He's practical man, and so he asked for continued support when he is in the White House.  It will take millions of hoppin' mad people to make the changes that we want to see.  We're up against powerful big money.  But we do have our voices. 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. If Bernie comes to Humboldt County, we'll definitely go see him. He has really stirred things up in a very good way. I am so happy he is running. Wonderful photos and great commentary, Tara!