Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Musings

A lovely weekend with friends.  What a gift good friendship is!  We missed my husband at dinner Saturday night because he was ushering a concert of Handel and Hayden, but as the three of us were headed to bed, he came home and we all stayed up to hear about the wonderful evening he had.

A couple of rain sprinkles over the weekend.  Not of any consequence.  Just enough to get me to rush outside and bring in the hammock.  But the air smells good and wet, and we had some milder weather -- which will end soon with mid 80s temps yet again.  Sigh.  Indian Summer, be gone. (Or I could revert to old English and call it St. Martin's Summer.)

More friends arriving today, from the Napa Valley.  Just an hour and fifteen minute drive.  Just a quick visit overnight and I'm making a decidedly old-fashioned dinner of meatloaf, potatoes and peas.  Well, a few little tweaks and extras thrown in there, but I won't bore you with details.

We have decided to try the service Blue Apron.  We've heard rave reviews from friends who are using it.  All ingredients delivered to your home with instructions for preparation.  3 meals a week of chicken, fish and shellfish (the preference I chose).  We'll see how it goes.  Perhaps I'll post reviews here, yes?  I mainly pushed for the service because my taste buds are bored and my mind is tired of thinking up new things to make and eat.  I hope the Blue Apron folks can jump start my lackluster menu planning.

The final gift my friend Paul left me with this weekend was another session on using the photo processing software Lightroom.  I went through my catalog of photos to find something suitable to work on, and a particular image jumped out at him, so I pulled it up.  It was not an image I had considered at all.  I passed right over it.  But he liked the composition and to work we went.  It required a bit of fiddling around with shadows and light, and I learned some good short cuts.  I learn, over and over, not to dump images that don't wow me.  I often go back and look at them again, much later, and find gems that I had overlooked.  Luckily for me, Paul found this gem, taken a couple of months ago.  Enjoy.


  1. Splendid collaboration with your friend, Paul! I do remember those sunflowers and that sky from before as I get ready for the day on this very early Monday morning. It is still quite warm here in Whatcom County, but I heard that there has been snow in Ottawa. Hope to meet with you and Steve for a walk sometime when you visit with your sister. My sister and her girlfriend visited from Seattle this weekend, and we took 2 long walks, one in the woods and the other along the north shore of Lake Whatcom.

    1. oh, that sounds delightful. I love walking up there. Next time we're up we'll take you up on that walk!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I love the photo! Keep us posted about the Blue Apron. I'd love to hear what ideas they have for good dinners. We do get a bit bored with our usual fare. So we tend to head off in a new direction, like going with spicy peanut sauce or creamy pesto. It's amazing what the same old veggies taste like with a new sauce!

  3. Love the photograph. Yes, friends are so important in our lives, especially the old ones. And the new ones.

  4. Great photo! And how lovely to have friends visiting.

    Hope the Blue Apron works out. Figuring out new meals has gotten tedious around here, too. I really liked all the eating out on vacation -- that did give me a few ideas!

  5. I'd love something like the Blue Apron if I could find one that did gluten free. I do get tired of the same old same old.
    The photo is beautiful. Capturing the energy of the day is always the goal

  6. Absolutely stunning! Beautiful and powerful.