Friday, October 30, 2015


Peace reigns once again in my little queen-dome.  After some intense discussion, dad will be returning his handgun.  I am so very relieved, and grateful that he was willing to change his mind.  I had feared he would dig in his heels.  So, thank you, powers that be, for returning sanity to my dear old father.  And thank you, Dad, for listening to your children's concerns.

The winds are up, mightily, in our little burg. We tend to be a wind tunnel here, but today is simply beyond the pale.  The sounds of branches hitting the house and gusts rattling the denuded branches has been nearly constant.  Despite the atmospheric chaos, I got in a little hammock time with my book and chihuahua before surrendering to the elements.  I'm reading a memoir about the Paris neighborhood, the Marais.  We are staying there in a rented apartment next spring.  For an entire week.  Yes.

We've been eating Blue Apron meals for a week now.  Tonight was Catfish Piccata and Fettuccine.

The fish was super fresh -- no stink whatsoever, even while frying it.  That, my friends, is f-r-e-s-h.  The addition of a whole lemon, and capers, and red pepper, perked up this dish tremendously.

Next on the menu we have Korean BBQ chicken wings.  Yum.

I'm happy with the service, and will be happy to stick with it for awhile to get the full range of dishes.  The cool thing is, after trying the dish, you can shop for the ingredients yourself and just make the foods that you really liked.  A great way for me to get out of my food rut.

Tomorrow I'm off to visit 'the kids' for a couple of nights.  Our dog/house sitter cancelled on us, so dearest will be staying home with the beasts.  Not happy.  We. Are. Not. Happy.  First world problems, as they say.  It'll be fun to watch my grandson parade around in his Halloween costume.  Fun fact:  one-quarter of all the candy sold in the U.S. annually is for Halloween. 

Most years I hide on Halloween.  This year, not so much.  It's for the lil' kid, doncha know.  He's expecting his Bubbe to show, and show I will.

Happy Halloween!  Have a great weekend.   I'll leave you with this wonderful quote:


  1. I am relieved to hear your dad made the decision he did. Good for him.

  2. Really glad to know your father has made the right decision. Good for him and for the whole family! Have a safe trip over to the coast, and enjoy Halloween.

  3. Yep. Good for you and your Dad for working that out together. Relief here, too. Leonard Cohen has reminded us all of an ancient and powerful form of prayer for the baffled and grateful.