Friday, October 9, 2015


Hello everybody.  I had hoped to have some parade photos for you -- our local High School's homecoming.  But we were late for the spectacle and, alas, what's done is done.  We did get to visit with our friends and drink cold beverages.  And A. cut some gorgeous Zinnia's from his garden.  Steve was eyeing the pepper crop as well, so A. harvest several for Steve.  I love peppers, my insides do not.

I have just begun to use our new Leica Q digital camera, and I have a lot to learn in terms of what it can do and what I can do with it.  So far, however, I love the incredible sharpness of the 28 mm lens.

Our protege is loving the Cannon Rebel XT with 15mm - 80mm lens we loaned him. Hope to get together with him soon to look at some of his work.  I'll probably end up giving him the camera, since I don't use it at all anymore and could hardly get anything for it if I sold it.  I'll pass it along to him with instructions to pass it along to someone else when he upgrades to a better camera (and I bet he will).  The Canon is not a bad camera, it was great for me for many years.  But as my work improved, I knew I needed better equipment to achieve my goals.

My daughter is upgrading to a better camera as well, and we're helping her buy a Fujifilm XE 1 body.  This is a mirror-less camera that delivers superior image quality.  Steve is giving her a lens to go with it, and she got teary eyed when we told her.  She's someone who also has a lot of talent, and will take it to the next level with better equipment.  I am so pleased that Steve and I are in a position to help 2 young photographers.  The art of it has brought us many years of extreme satisfaction, good friends along the way, and peak moments of inspiration and exhalation.  And, let's not forget, it was our love of photography that brought Steve and me together!

Every place we go offers new photographic experiences:  Cuba was a highlight.  Next month we go to Kauai.  In December we go to a (hopefully) snow covered Yosemite Valley.  And next year, France and Spain.  The travel in and of itself is exciting, and the prospect of capturing some lovely images is thrilling as well. 

Photographer Burk Uzzle, (1938) was the youngest documentary photographer to be hired by Life Magazine.  He said “Photography is a love affair with life.”

I couldn't agree more.

Have a great weekend! 

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  1. I love reading about your love affair with photography. It is so wonderful that you get to inspire the next generation of young people who will continue that "love affair with life." Yes!