Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday Musings (On Memorial Day)

On this Memorial Day, the US flag is flying outside our home.  Skipping the holiday parades and commercial sales events, I prefer to spend the time in contemplation of war and the myriad implications of it.  This is my Uncle, Dee Tilley, and that's all I know about the photo.  A proud Irish Catholic man who would go on to have a very large number of children, he was one of many who served in the armed forces.  Unlike many, he did not perish in battle.  He ended up with a good, long life.

Last year I posted this, and will again, now.  Peter Turnley has seen his share of mortal combat and has this to say:

On this day of memory, Memorial Day, I wish to remember and honor our human family, and every human being on this earth that had less good fortune than myself. I would like this day to be one where we remember not only those that have served and suffered in war, and my heart does go out to anyone that has had to be one way or the other impacted by the cruelty of war, but to also remember that a world that is truly one to be proud of, is one where every child has access to healthcare, education, and equal opportunity for a creative productive life. I'd like to remember that a world to be proud of is not one that offers opportunity to only a few that have the material power to afford opportunity, but a world where the human rights of all are our first priority-that the basis for examining what is truly a rich civilization is not one where a small percentage of people can boast of a good life, but rather a world where one could wake up knowing that it is a world where we all care as much about our weakest and least fortunate members of our society, as much as our most wealthy and powerful. I would like to remember that the most beautiful and rich aspect of our world is its' glorious diversity, and it is within the embrace of this beautiful diversity that all hope for reaching our collective potential exists.
© Peter Turnley, Somalia, 1992.

In remembrance of all those affected by war.   And thank you to our US soldiers who have died in countless wars, including our very own home-grown civil war. 

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  1. A beautiful tribute to our planet, world, and human inhabitants on this day. Much has been forgotten about who we are as people, so it is good to remember.