Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday Musings

This is not  your typical 4th of July.  I'm not spending energy on a bbq'd feast or downing copious amounts of beer.  No baking in the heat, no rubbing shoulders in massive sweaty crowds.  No, I'm reading artsy books and listening to Green Day, doing research for a book I might write, sitting with my husband in the hot tub, and looking forward to a 5:00 p.m. Facetime convo with good friends while we sip our cocktails.

After all these years, I've earned sitting this one out.  Enough bomb blasts for me.  Apparently, there are so-called silent fireworks,  but they are akin to fire falls and don't go shooting up in the sky, which is what most people expect and want. 

The fire season in California has begun already, just a tad early.  How many fires will illegal fireworks start today?  We are tinder dry and even a lit cigarette could do it, much less gun powder fueled fire.  All in the name of fun, eh?

I did hang the Stars and Stripes today, not to be outdone by my neighbor.  So I'm not completely heartless.  Or maybe I'm just competitive.

There all kinds of fun and legitimate ways to celebrate the day, so don't let me rain on your parade.  We were considering a invitation to go the Nevada City to photograph the parade, and while it initially sounded like fun, the reality of the heat and crowds and noise set in and I just couldn't bear it.  We're going to sit in the backyard tonight and try to get a glimpse of the community fireworks that are launched at a park about a mile from us.  We'll see how that goes.

"To the dreamers
Wide-eyed believers
Hanging onto hope by a thread
To the soulful
Heart open hopeful
Keep on charging ahead."

Two Americas

Tara Crowley
All Rights Reserved


  1. As the fourth of July is all about independence I guess you're quite within the rules to do as you like. I love fireworks, though I always feel that they're at their best on Nov 5th in England when it's cold and gets dark early and children are there to enjoy the fun; a rocket going up without the accompaning high-pitched "Ooooooo!" of wonder just isn't the same.

  2. I haven't "celebrated" a fourth of July since I was a teenager. Too much noise for my senses. It was quiet here with a just a few bingbangbooms around 9:30. Then all was calm and peaceful, just the way I like it!