Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Musings


And this.

Might make for an epic night.

Is the entire country going to be glued to their televisions or computers tonight?  Is there anything we don't already know?  A friend said it is like a car wreck that he can't look away from.  Exactly.

My sis is visiting my folks.  They've agreed to watch without making any comments.  Right.  That's not gonna happen.  She'll be retiring to the downstairs, I'm sure.  I would rather have red hot coals applied to my feet than watch the debate with Republican nut bags.

Are you going to watch?  Why?  Why not?  Are you going to require mind altering substances in order to get through it? 

This is a continuing bad dream that just won't end.  I've hopped off the news train for awhile, but did watch a couple of news shows yesterday and came away utterly exhausted.  Then I slept for almost 12  hours.  Go figure.


  1. No, I will not watch. The primary reason is that I know very well that I would get very angry at some point. Why should I torment myself? There is nothing either candidate can do or say that will affect my vote at this point. I'm definitely with her. And definitely against him.

  2. I am not going to watch, although Roger and my mom will be watching. I may run in from where I am hiding to hear a few words from Hillary, but I cannot subject myself to hearing a single word uttered by her psychopathic opponent.

  3. Luckily we're only subjected to the "edited highlights" on this side of the ocean - that's quite enough, thank you.