Friday, November 11, 2016


This is what I'd like to believe: if we all keep our heads, if we cool down, we can survive this. If we try to dialogue with the saner of the Drumpf supporters, maybe we can bridge the chasm. If the Electoral College deems him unfit and declares Clinton the winner.  I would like to believe that the enormity of the job will humble Drumpf.

I'd like to believe this whole thing is a bad dream and if I just have another cup of coffee and shake my head, a better reality will reveal itself.

We can resist.  We must resist.  The GOP was saying that if HRC won they would immediately begin impeachment proceedings.

The hate crimes have already begun and we have yet to hear der Drumpf denounce them, he only denounces the protestors.

The world has become a much more dangerous place.  And the whole world knows it.

How can I get my heart to stop banging so hard in my chest?  When will calm come back to me?

HRC lost the women's vote.  WTF?  But this is our republic.  Like it or not, this is our country and our fellow citizens have spoken.  Yes, I know HRC won the popular vote.  But the Electoral College is our system, right or wrong.

The Democratic party failed us.  As Michael Moore says, progressives are the majority of Americans.  Why do we have a President and a Congress who are antithetical to our values?

I have no answers.  We live in a Fox News world.  We can give up or we can speak out.  I'm sure there will be many public figures who will point us in different directions in the coming weeks.  I'm conflicted about listening to them at all.  My ears are bleeding.  So is my heart.  And in all this madness, Leonard Cohen's absence is acutely felt. Rest in peace, dear man.


  1. I have been losing a lot of sleep over this election. I've been waking up at 1:00 and staying awake for hours, thinking about what this administration and the Congress will do to our country. I am afraid.

  2. I think people have been encouraged to panic and some to do violence. I was disappointed to see how anarchists took over what was intended to be a peaceful protest rally in Portland. One woman, just trying to drive somewhere, was stopped by the protest while one of the anarchists smashed her car window. That could have ended with injuries. I also read where the death threats are flying as I am sure they have with Obama. I read a neat thing from a woman who is a grief counselor. She said so much fear is anticipating what never happens. False Expectations Appearing Real. Right now the media is feeding the hysteria. People need to get a grip and wait and see what happens. We know we won't like the next Supreme Court pick but neither would the Repubs if Hillary had gotten it. Trump has said he will not immediately end ACA but try to fix it. It badly needs fixing as anyone knows who has friends where their premiums have jumped to $20,000 a year and that with a $6000 deductible before the insurance kicks in. Maybe in '17, the country can work together on some big issues. Yes, I know, I am an optimist. It helps in a time like this. It also helps that when I voted for Hillary I voted on issues. I think those who voted on emotions are having a tougher time with this. I just hope none of the demonstrations end up with someone hurt or worse and that nobody really tries to kill Trump. None of that could be good for the country.

    Cohen appeared to know he was dying by his recent comments. I wish he had gotten the Nobel before he did. He deserved it as he gave a lot of very deep thoughts and beautiful music to the world.

  3. I'm a bit of a wreck. I'm hoping things improve.

  4. I admire the people who say we need to come together. But...DJT has already said Mike Pence will be "in charge of domestic and foreign policy." Pence, the man who wanted to stop funding HIV and use the funds for "conversion therapy" for gays. The man whose budget defunded Planned Parenthood. The man who led the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that allowed any discrimination if it was based (however loosely) on religious beliefs. The man who said same-sex marriage is a sign of societal collapse. The man who voted three times against equal pay for women in the same jobs.

    Yes, this man is heading the Presidential Transition Team. Can we really come together in support of this man? I cannot.

    To quote an old poem, "Oh Lord, help us and save us, said Mrs. O'Davis"

    1. Pence is scarier than Trump as he's a religious ideologue. Trump is more of a pragmatist who right now has no idea what he let himself in for. I think the left needs to watch what he does, speak out, petition, etc., but time will tell what he actually does. He has spoken out for policies that would demand equal pay and also help with child care with working mothers. I didn't vote for him but I refuse to be frightened now... I'll wait until there is something to be afraid about-- like not driving to Portland this week-end because of the anarchists using this as an excuse to attack people and businesses.