Friday, January 6, 2017


I did it.  I put my toe in the shark infested waters.  I asked my dad what he thinks about Drumpf and his Russian connections.  Just because I was truly curious.  The response was predictable, and it was from Drumpf himself.  My dad believes the Intelligence Agencies have it all wrong, "and, after all, the CIA doesn't agree with the assessment."  What?  I asked.  Yep, he assured me.  So of course I knew it was bullshit and came home, immediately found the truth on the NPR website, and sent him a link.  Of course he will label it fake news.  He is no different than the legions of idiotic followers, and only watches FOX and believes that any news he doesn't support is fake.  I did keep the conversation limited to this.  And mother closed her eyes and fell into a dream to escape the looming death match.  

Last week I received the news that the kids are probably moving out of state this summer.  While I desperately wanted them to move to our area so I could see them more often, their decision is a wise one and one I ultimately wholeheartedly support.  This is going to be a big change.  We'll adapt with more Face Time and Skype, and airplane trips to be able to hold and touch.  I'm excited for the opportunities it will provide them -- the ability to buy a home, to have a better standard of living, to raise a family with less financial pressures.  I think it's a smart move.  And I'm focusing on that rather than the fact that they won't be in my own neck of the woods.  My baby will turn 29 this weekend.  I've been lucky to have her so close all this time.

We had big storms here this week.  This morning we awoke to sunshine, and I blinked in disbelief at the bright light coming in through the window above my bed.  We had friends from out of town, despite the storms, and managed to get out with them for dining and the movies.  We saw La La Land and I wasn't a fan.  Not a disaster of a movie, but I was disinterested.  I was disappointed because I've heard good reviews.  But when the two leads had no chemistry, I just couldn't buy the premise.  We hear the good movies to see are Fences, Moonlight, Allied.

photo credit: Steve Barbour
The rest of the month is busy:  weekend trips, visitors, and then my trip to D.C. to participate in the Women's March.  I've got to prepare strategically for this one: it is likely we will be in freezing temperatures for hours.  I'll want my medication, my juice for low blood sugar, my camera and gear in good working order.  I even  have the phone number of an attorney in D.C. to call if I get in a bind, courtesy of a friend of mine.  My sister is sending the Pussy Hats she knitted for me and some friends.  My husband, though he would love to come, is staying home to care for the doggies.  It takes a village, my friends.

I hope your new year has been good so far.  C'mon, what are the chances it hasn't?  Okay.  Well, maybe not so good.  We'll keep lifting each other up, okay?  Is that a deal?  Muchas gracias, amigos.


  1. You are so brave to try and have a political conversation with your dad. I don't think I could attempt such a thing with someone I love. Although, as I type this I think of the conversations I had with my mom about some political topics where we completely disagreed. Not a fun thing to do at all.

    Yes, it's been a good year so far, 6 days down and another 359 to go! Hah! Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. Have fun!

    1. His "facts" can be so easily disproved, but that doesn't seem to matter to him. He's almost 85 yo and not about to change.

  2. Good luck with the trip and I think it's good for so many to make the point that a large population care a LOT about protecting civil rights as well as other concerns.

    One other little thing. I read that DC hotels have a bedbug problem; so make that part of your prep to check to be sure where you stay does not :)

  3. Just love the photo of the two of you ... happy smiling faces.
    Belated Happy Birthday Wishes
    Belated Happy New Year Wishes too.

    All the best Jan