Friday, April 14, 2017


Today could not have been more beautiful.  The roses are going gangbusters and the sun has been out all day. 

We began the day by successfully getting rid of our old (but very much still working) washer and dryer.  Sold them on a local Buy/Sell/Trade site to a very nice couple who are expecting a baby soon.  They got a great deal, and we got rid of excess stuff.  We promptly spent our earnings at Costco in the afternoon.

Friends are coming tomorrow for the weekend.  I know it's Easter, but I could not care less.  Or, as my daughter would say, I give zero fucks about it.  I bought big ass steaks, and a ton of asparagus to feed people.  Oh, and wine.  And gin, and assorted other alcohol.  (Did I mention we just sold our washer and dryer?  Steve said, "We've turned it into wine!")

I also discovered that today marks 7 years since the little Lucy dog came into my life.  Best dog (best animal) I've ever known.  That girl makes me happier than a pig in shit.  And that's the truth.

This week also brought news that my daughter and her family have secured housing in Ft. Collins, CO. and will be moving July 1.  I'm a little shaky, as I have never been further than 140 mi. away from the 'kids.'  But I'll breathe through it, because it's going to be a great move for them, and an adventure, and a way that they can thrive financially.  Their current town's average home price is $800k.  Forget about it.  They are joining the on-going exodus to enjoy affordable living.

Tonight I'm attending a class at our Food Co-op on Pressure Cooking.  I've fallen for the pressure cooker, especially for making broths and soups.  It cooks artichokes really well, too.  I'm looking forward to learning how to convert regular recipes into PC recipes.

So, I'm intentionally skipping any world news, because it is so dismal and I can't bear it.  Can you?  I didn't think so.  Better to stick to the garden and everyday mundane tasks that keep body and soul together.

Off to my class!

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. So glad to read that all is going well there! You had a beautiful day of sunshine. Hey, we did too. Can you believe it? I hope you do a post about the pressure cooking class. We're taking a class next Friday. It's a Alzheimer's class for caregivers. We want to be prepared for the next time we see my mom. And also probably, preparing for our own futures. Well, that is if we have a future that "he who will not be named" doesn't blow up before we get there.

  2. Better to avoid what we cannot change. Enjoy what is

  3. My son uses his electric pressure cooker all the time. Surprisingly good for boiled eggs. They peel with ease, even if they are fresh.

    Zero fucks will definitely be added to my vocabulary. Enjoy the food, the drinks, and the company. Washer into wine is a good idea.