Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday Musings

Here comes the sun...and there it goes.  I'll be watching the eclipse on PBS or the NASA site.  We had a partial one a few years ago, and while it was interesting, I just can't get all super hyped up about it.  It's a natural phenomena and cares not what we on earth think about it.  I think of all the people gathering to watch this thing, choking the roads with cars, cramming into farms turned into campsites.  I suppose its a good thing the farmers are making money from this whole thing.  I don't begrudge them.  Just. Not. Feeling. It.

This song is kind of where I'm at these days. It's frankly all too much. I was telling my husband we need to take a trip and go someplace with no access to media, phones, etc. I do realize I can, and should, abstain, in the here and now. But I am sucked into it. I need discipline imposed from the outside.  This is true with so many things!  Why can I 'perform' when when required from outside sources but not so much when it is strictly up to me?

Since I've returned from Colorado, I have hardly gone to the gym.  And the resulting inertia just feeds on itself.  So, I told my husband that I want to go back to a M/W/F routine, no ifs and or buts.  We I had to be accountable to my trainer, I went and I worked hard.  I know how good it made me feel.  Why isn't that enough to keep me motivated without a trainer?

Ack.  Feeling the blues, my friends.

It's not all bad.  I've had some very interesting conversations on Face book, mostly around racial issues.  We all know we're shouting into our own echo chamber, but sometimes there is a difference of opinion or thought that really can be explored if people are willing and respectful.  When that happens, it gives me hope.

The turmoil we are in now may eventually lead to greater democracy, greater equality, greater justice.  I just have to believe this.  It may lead to institutional change that will advance the welfare of every American, not just whites.

But, yeah.  This shit is exhausting. 

Grab a good book.  Retire to the hammock under the Cedar tree.  That's my game plan.

I'm currently reading Fragments of the Ark by Louise Meriwether.


See you on Wednesday.


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  2. It has been a depressing time for me. We will watch the eclipse from our pasture or driveway but I'd not have driven to do it. It just happens we are in the totality zone. I will be most interested in how the livestock respond to it. The sheep will be with us and the cattle back in their field. I don't know if it'll be worth photographing even if they head for their barn, but it could be interesting as they aren't preparing mentally for it like we are. It's not hard to imagine what it must have been like in prehistoric tribal peoples.

  3. We had the same feeling about the eclipse. It's a predictable natural phenomenon, why all the hype? It seemed crazy. I did get an email from a friend who traveled years ago to see a full solar eclipse and he said it was absolutely awesome and worth the journey. Ah well, here it was foggy and then it turned dark, and then it turned light, and it was still foggy. So much for the eclipse. It has been a dark time in our country. Perhaps we're all just waiting for the return of the light. May it be here soon. Oh Russia, please bring this beast down.

  4. Sending love to you during your blue time and always. Just finished reading You Don't Have to Say You Love Me: A Memoir, by Sherman Alexie. Thank you for suggesting Louise Meriweather's book. Books have carried me through many a blue time. Sherman Alexie made friends with books as a boy. His books are fierce grace -- this one especially. Written partly in response to the election of our shadowy president last November.