Friday, January 5, 2018


Bad Habits.  They are a monkey on one's back.  A thorn in the foot.  An anchor around the neck.  I think you get the picture. There is some pleasure to be derived from them, surely, or we wouldn't engage in the first place.  The pleasure is fleeting, but it's good while it lasts.  The reverberations of those pleasures, however, are most certainly not good and negatively impact the whole of one's life.  Before we left for Morocco in early December, I decided I would try, yet again, to leave a couple of the most annoying habits behind in 2017.  The trip was a good break from the daily stress and environments that prompt me.  And so I did.  And now its 2018 and I have hope, hope mind you, that I am free and clear now.  I have been free and clear for almost a month.  That's a load off my mind.  Now, I just have to monitor my thoughts and watch for triggers.  Because, ladies and gents, I feel good.  And I want to stay this way. 

At 60 years old, if I play my cards right and have a good amount of luck on my side, I've got another 20 to 30 years left in me.  May as well make the most of them, yeah?  Untethered from habits that hold me back.

Big changes afoot in 2018:  my husband and I are planning on moving into the retirement community that my folks live in.  It's a many step process, but the big hurdle has been accomplished: they will allow us to have our dog, who exceeds the pet policy weight limit by, let's just say "a LOT" to move in with us.  A glowing letter from our veterinarian was the ticket.  We have no time table, as it all depends of vacancies over there, so we'll do what we can to down size and organize on our side (we have the realtor lined up) and see what happens.

Keeping boundaries with the folks will probably be our only challenge.  I'm also a little sad to be leaving the home that we thought we'd live in for years and years.  But I do admit to being really tired of the yard upkeep, and with cooking.  These are both new (and big) for me, as I've derived quite a bit of pleasure from both.  Nothing lasts forever.

Anyone who follows my blog will know that the community is a fabulous place, with amenities galore and residents who are engaged, socially and intellectually.  We'll have 2 swimming pools, 2 spas, a library, many kinds of exercise and health classes, field trips to San Francisco and the east bay area, and delicious meals and housekeeping.  The grounds are also lovely, with plenty of fruit trees and roses.  We can choose to participate at any level we want to.  Or not at all (though I think that unlikely).

I am excited about our new chapter and the new friends we will be making.  As they say, Life Is Good.

A very happy New Year for you, too, dear reader.

Sitting on the patio of our hotel, Rabat, Morocco, Dec. 2017.

Here's to breaking old, unhelpful habits, and moving into life with enthusiasm.


  1. It's going to be such an interesting adventure. I love the idea of living in community. Can't wait to watch it unfold. Happy New Year, dear friend!

  2. All good news! Enthusiasm keeps us moving forward in our life journeys. Sounds as if your time in Morocco was life-changing. Kind wishes always.

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