Friday, January 12, 2018


Geesy peasy, its Friday already. 

Let me tell you what my Friday is like today.  I slept not a wink last night.  I'm taking Prednisone to help clear my lungs of this cold I've had since December 20th.  Yesterday was day two, today, Friday is day three.  It better fix my lungs, because if I'm going through this much crazy for nothing, I will be pissed.

The jitters, the skin crawlies, the enormous appetite and sleepless nights are not the worst of it.  It messes with my diabetes big time, and my blood glucose is 4 times what it normally is.  Approaching dangerous territory, so I'm monitoring frequently and resting.  Resting is kind of a trick when you want to run around the block all day.  I'll be tapering down after today, but I've got 6 more days to go.

Since I was up, and tired of reading my novel, I watched David Letterman's new show on Netflix, My Next Guest Needs no Introduction.  And who was it?  Why, President Obama!  Looked relaxed and happy, funny and thoughtful.  And so gosh darned intelligent.  Dave also showed some video of his meeting with John Lewis to walk across the Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma, Alabama.  Civil rights leader and congressman, Mr. Lewis walks the bridge every year on the anniversary of the first attempt which turned into a brutal police action that the world witnessed on television.  It's called "Bloody Sunday" and they were swinging clubs and throwing tear gas and people peacefully marching on the sidewalk, for gawd's sake.  Dave was giddy to be in his presence, and his words about the movement and the current state of race relations in the U.S. showed a real knowledge about our history and our continued struggle to realize the American dream for all citizens.  Anyway, damn fine show, and if you get Netflix, you must watch.

Another intelligent voice in the conversation of black and white America is comedian Dave Chappelle.  He has a couple of new stand-ups films out, also on Netflix.  I don't always appreciate his language when he goes low, but he is great to watch and listen to.  That man is sharp.  He says politically incorrect things sometimes, and doesn't give a flying fuck who it bothers.  He is an equal opportunity comic, and will go after all kinds of people.  In this case, trans people, which I get a little sensitive about because I love me some trans people.  Still, I found his incredulous-ness funny, and reflective of how a lot of CIS people react to gender reassignment surgery ("ick" is what they think).  So he says what so many of us have said at one time or another but wouldn't admit it out loud.

So, see, my drug induced mania has provide you, dear reader, with a couple of solid leads on good t.v. watching.  You're very welcome.

Exciting news of the week:  my kids have bought a house in Colorado and will be moving in soon!  Everything about the sale went well and they are over the moon.  My daughter celebrated her 30th birthday earlier this month, and she reports being very happy to "settle into adulthood."  Grand kids are doing well and son-in-law is, too.  What could be better?

There's a lot of crazy bat shit news events going on but I'm largely staying away because I have to for my sanity.  Hard to be an informed and active citizen when reading the news makes you "want to buy a rocket launcher and make some son of a bitch pay."  Thank you, Bruce Cockburn for that song.

Hope your Friday is going better than mine.  Truly.


  1. I taped that show and agree with you. It pains me to see Obama and then DJT. Such a profound difference. He is out to destroy Obama's legacy any way he can. What a shameful example of President of the United States.

  2. With a huge family issue breaking my heart, I could care less about politics right now. I read some of it but it means nothing to my life in view of what's going on closer to home. I'll be more concerned when voting time comes closer... maybe. Sometimes stuff happens that throws you out of the loop and it takes a while to come back from it.

  3. I think of that Bruce Cockburn song quite often these days. Such a time we are living in. Between the personal and the political, I'm a wreck. I hope you are feeling better and that the crazy Prednisone works.