Friday, February 9, 2018


We've had the most glorious weather all week.  Balmy, sunshine and gentle breezes.  It's grand, but it's not right.

I have had a week of enjoying friends, getting out and about, eating at a new (for us) restaurant in Sacramento called "Mother."  It vegetarian and vegan, and the three of us were thrilled with our food.

The hubs and I are in motion to move within the next year into a retirement community.  So many reasons why, and yet I'm sad to leave this house that we have loved so much.  Yesterday I got out the hammock and my darling took a little snooze in it.  That hammock, under those trees, has been my 'happy place' for more than 3 years now.  It is perfect for reading, writing, and sleeping.  I've had the most delicious naps under those trees.  My grandson calls the hammock "the tree bed."  We won't have a place to hang it when we move.  I may decide to leave it with whatever new owners move into our house.  With a note, "Use liberally."

Aloha, friends.


  1. ((( Tara and Steve ))) Yes, it has been great weather!

    Also sounds like an excellent week, complete with friends and finding a new restaurant that fits!

    That sounds like a big move, big change. Is it possible your daughter would like the hammock that has brought you so much happiness? On the other hand, when we moved to our house a couple decades ago, the former owners passed down something meaningful -- a local history book that had been passed from owner to owner, with notes inside from one owner to the ones just ahead of us. It is nice to have a little something from those who also lived in the same place.

    Sending lots of love. xoxo

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