Monday, May 28, 2018

Monday Musings

Not a pretty post today.  It's Memorial Day and I can't help but grieve the sickening loss of life over the centuries.  How many of these wars were necessary?  Some were, you could argue.   We are such stupid creatures.  And evil.  Don't forget the evil.

There is a stunningly depressing article in the NYT about austerity in England.  The wealthy in that country, like our country, are not really acting in their long term self interests.  After they have bled the people dry, the people will rise up against the rulers.  Or, will the people be duped into 'patriotism' by another war.  Sound familiar?  It is the one big history lesson that we (the world, here) never learn:

Don't. Fucking. Oppress.  People.

It will bite you in the ass later on, sometime, somewhere.  Not to mention it's just plain immoral.  Like the U.S., England has given huge tax breaks to corporations, while cutting social services to the bone.  In some cases eliminating them.  Public libraries, parks, firehouses and police stations -- gone.  Poof.  Gee, no repercussions there, eh? 

Now that I have you thoroughly disgusted (whether or not you agree), I'm going to sign off with this lovely photo from 2 years ago.  Love is the only thing getting me through.  How about you?

Steve Barbour