Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How is Mid-Life Treating You?

In answer to a call from National Public Radio, I emailed the following to be considered for a future news story:
Well...I can hardly believe I am 56.  Heading into the latter part of mid-life.  I don't want to be 18 ever again, and I am thankful for the exhaustion that mid-life brings because it helps me separate the wheat from the chaff.  I've got no time (or energy) for suffering fools, kidding myself or working in a job that makes me want to kill myself.  I hear that old-age is not for sissies, and I do believe that it true.  I am cultivating habits now that will aid in my transition from mid-to elder years:  Humor, above all else, non-attachment, gratitude and friendliness.  I do NOT want to be a grumpy complaining senior.
Mid-life has brought me my THIRD divorce (and last?), mental and physical health issues, an inability to drink alcohol, a renewed sense of purpose and last but not least a grandson. 
and neither does Bubbe

Dating in mid-life (I'm a lesbian) is also quite the trick -- everyone has been badly scorched by past relationships and are truly frightened to let down their guard.  Gone are the days of "love the one your with."  But guess what? Middle age has also brought the peace and freedom to be on my own.  After a lifetime of committed relationships, I'm doing just fine on my own.  Wa-hoo!
 They are defining middle-age as 45 to 65.  If you want to participate, email bbradley@npr.org and you may be contacted for an interview.  And send me your story, too.  Because inquiring minds want to know.


  1. That baby is spot on!

  2. Good story, Tara and good luck with getting it accepted. I think those mid years were great, some of my totally best to try new things and get in tune with who I was. It's a good period of time in my experience. We'll see how old age goes ;)

  3. Yes...but you know, many consider senior citizen's to be 55 and older! This shocks me. What the fuck about Cher? Well, anyway. It ain't for sissies.

    Love your post. You said it!

  4. Oh...a case manager from my health plan called me to remind me to get my mammogram. She added.."I see that you are 60, can you stand long enough for the procedure?" I burst out laughing and said, "what, are you in your 20's or something?"

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  6. I am a couple of years short of mid-life (as they define it) - I'm 37, but I've been feeling mid-life for a couple of years now! I even read a book entitled "Midlife Crisis at Thirty". Or maybe there's a "third of life crisis".

    In any case, it's as disturbing as it is growth provoking. Reflecting on our lives honestly isn't an easy exercise, but if done well it can bring about the lucidity (and hopefully serenity) you express.

    I've always felt part of my soul was very old, and now that my body is showing the first, early signs of aging, I want to slide into the years with ease and happiness, not worrying about the number, just focusing on all I've gained in terms of wisdom.

    Non-attachment, gratitude and friendliness is the way to go! You'll do great. :-)

  7. Whoa, I'm gonna live to be 122? That is such a long time from now. This can't be mid-life. I'm 61 years old, but I don't feel old. Well, parts of my body (like my stupid arthritic neck) feel old, but I am still totally jazzed about life. I have learned more in the past ten years about the natural world than I did in the previous 40. That is the gift of middle age for me. I think I'll write npr. Thank you for the tip!