Friday, October 4, 2013


It's been a busy week.  I feel all over the map.  All good (well, mostly) but I just feel spent.  The world of politics has been in a dither so I'm not watching the news.  I'm thanking my good fortune to have such amazing friends, both here and far away, who lighten my load and laugh with me about the absurdity of it all.  I can't imagine life without my cadre of pals...what in the world would I do?  Who would I talk to and laugh with?  Share my burdens with?  Gush over my grandson with?

My friend Laine posts such great stuff on her FB page.  Here's today's great entry:

My friend Robin takes amazing cloud photographs which allows me to see formations I've never seen before!  Here's her post earlier this week. 

My friend Steve meets me for coffee most weeks, and we share, share, share.  Love our get togethers, love this man.

My friend Larry posts great music on FB.  He is into it, man.  And I love his range of musical taste.

I could go on and on: there are so many I care deeply about.  How about you?  Who makes your life special?


  1. Hey, thank you so much for the link. Our lives are enriched by the people we know, and we are so lucky!