Friday, February 13, 2015


Don't come around my house if want a sociable, friendly host.  I'm working on several days of little sleep, multiple blood sugar lows, and muddled thinking.  That's the week that was.  With that said, I can still find things that I'm grateful for:

  • I don't live in Boston.
  • I am not Brian Williams.
  • I'm not an aid worker in Syria.
  • My daughter, et al, are coming to visit today.  

I'll pull it together for them.  Grandson is apparently acting like a little sh*t to his mother lately.  He's even asking for his Bubbe (me).  I think just to spite her.  Damn but kids can be harsh.  Even at three years of age.  They have no self-censor button in their brain.  Kind of like a menopausal woman. 

It goes without saying, I have a patient and understanding husband.  And I endeavor to correct my thoughtless behavior when I am in his presence.  Yes, I have read my Harvel Hendrix.  He contends that for every nasty exchange, 5 loving exchanges are required to mend the rift.  I agree.  We need more kindness in this world.  Hope you give some this weekend.  Work with me, here.


  1. It seems a difficult time for some reason-- for a lot of people. Oregon's governor is having a lousy week also. Hope you get your blood sugar back in control soon. Get lots of hugs. They are good for us *hug*

  2. Hope you get some sleep and the blood sugar worked out, Tara. I love the idea of five loving exchanges for one nasty one. That tips the heart scales in the right direction. Be well and say hello to the kids for me.

  3. Yes, we definitely need more kindness in this world. Hope your blood sugar levels out.

  4. Five loving exchanges: Without Trace here, they are piling up, so I send you 5, plus an extra spare 5. there xxxooo