Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Musings

Greetings, Monday.  You begin cold and windy in our neck of the woods.  Your local weather belies the raging fire storms just 70 miles north of here.  And southeast of here.  Entire mountain communities in ashes.  What is there to say?  Terrible loss and destruction.

I spent the weekend in my old home town with my daughter and her family.  It's only been four years, but already I get that otherworldly feeling when I am visiting.  That dreamlike state that sees differently what one used to see daily.  My daughter was born and raised here, and is raising her family here.  Nothing seems changed to her.  My perceptions are pervading my dream state: I'm in San Francisco, navigating neighborhoods that are completely unknown to me.  I'm in NYC, lost and trying to phone local friends for directions.  I'm in unknown territory.  Nothing is familiar.

Back home, in the arms of my husband, I feel rooted again.  No navigation dreams last night.  There are appointments to be made for the cars, the doctor; lunches and dinners.  Ant stakes need to be purchased at ACE and some fresh veg from the co-op.  All around me it seems the world is burning, but, here, in our bubble, our week begins.


  1. Glad you're back in that protective bubble; it's a place we all need to be from time to time. But you get to spend a lot of time there! ;-)

  2. Interesting dreams, Tara. The sense of home is so profound and a great comfort. And as I type this I think that the deepest love and friendships come from feeling at home in each other's hearts.

  3. Our sense of home is dear to us. Looking at your photo, I feel a sense of home. It's that September light that I remember from growing up in Northern California. The light in Bellingham has a different quality. Hard to explain. I feel at home here until I see that light from my youth. So much has changed in California, but that light has held steady. It grieves so many of us to think of our beloved California landscape burning and to know of the sorrow that brings to so many people who call California their home. Unsettling when our dream world takes anxious turns. It's a relief to wake up and be home.

    1. Yes, I love the fall light. Always have. Its the season that gets my juices flowing big time.

  4. Photographs of those wildfires are the worst I've ever seen. So glad you feel safe and comfortable. Great photograph reminding us Autumn is practically here.

  5. glad you are here, home, back with me.