Friday, September 25, 2015


Another scorching day in Northern California.  I am begging and imploring any and all powers that be to please bring us some cold crisp autumn weather!  The Pacific Northwest is looking cool and lovely, though I know Seattle has had some record breaking heat.  My friend Bob Adler (look up his fabulous photography web site) has been up in the rainforest for crying out loud.  Sending back lush green images of the trees and mountains.  How I wish I were there.  Western Washington is not burning.  It's not smoking.  It's verdant and cool, with moss dripping from the trees.  As it should be.

I've been living at Mom's house this week, while dad is enjoying lobster lunches and ferry rides to Martha's Vineyard.  The weather back east is favorable as well.  Only here can you walk out your front door into your very own brick pizza oven. 

My husband and I took a chance this week, and picked up this 4 mos. old puppy as a gift to my mother.  My folks have never had a dog, but mom loves my chihuahua so much that they both are open to the idea of having a pooch around the house.

This lil' girl was supposedly house-trained.  Allegedly. So now I am running about my parents' lovely home cleaning poop and pee off the shiny hardwood floors and expensive oriental rugs.  A challenge on it's own, but when paired with the challenge of making sure my mother doesn't take a fall, well, it's almost too much to bear.  I was helping her along her way when I saw Mocha take a squat on the floor.  All sense left me and I practically pushed dear mom down in order to grab the pup and place her on the pee mat.  Of course she stopped peeing when placed on the mat.  This is why I usually adopt older dogs.  What were we thinking?  The road to hell, and all that.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Happy Friday, all.  Hope your weekend is carefree and, above all,  below 70 degrees.


  1. Great article....I so miss the Main coast and blue lobsters, chowder, and little necks..... Yep, the potty training is a hard row, but so worth it. Andie is coming along nicely. It takes infinite patience and I find that letting go (pardon the pun) is the best way to go. I've convinced myself that the training is an act of love. But, mobility makes that a difficult task at times. Oh, and yes all the tribal rugs are in units love the musky smell of wool. Have a good weekend. xxxx M & A

  2. Sorry she's having these problems. Maybe you need to take her to your home for awhile when you go back-- although that might addict Lucy to her. Where it comes to pets, always some problems but they are so worth it. And it is a known fact that they are healthy for elders.

    It's been quite cool here in my part of the PNW, raining today

  3. Glad you could be with Mom while your dad takes a trip!

    A dog is a good idea, but maybe this was all too much at once for a young pup? Mocha seems like a sweetheart! But peeing on stuff, not good -- and it probably won't last, either, if she spends some time fostering elsewhere. xoxo

    1. yes, we may need to foster her until she is house trained. that's a good idea.

  4. Mocha is a cutie, and I hope that she can be house-trained somewhere and then welcomed back to your parent's house. That would be so wonderful. She looks like such a sweet little thing. I hope fall arrives soon. It's really hot in southern CA too. Crazy, hot fiery weather.

  5. good try darling, we will get a dog, and it will be successful.