Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Musings

Ah, the power of love and connection.  We had a wonderful weekend with friends up from the Bay Area.  Our doggies love them and they love our doggies.  Harmony and Happiness.

I think the best kinds of companions can hang with each other for a couple of days, with plenty of social time, and down time, good food and in-depth discussions.  We had all this and more.  These are people I've known for almost 30 years.  They love my husband, and he them.  It's a match made in heaven.  And it was a balm for my soul to have everyone together, laughing and kidding.  I felt creative in the kitchen for the first time in weeks, and enjoyed cooking for everyone.  The guys took off to shoot photos in 100 degrees.  But they got some great shots of the sunflowers fields around here, and played on the computer with the images.  They made some fine ones.  Heat doesn't seem to bother them.

Me?  I was out watering at 8:30 this morning, and already it was too hot unless I was in deep shade.  I'm miserable in the heat.  Que sera sera.  I must be vigilant with the summer watering or plants will drop dead.  Yesterday I picked a ripe strawberry while watering and popped it into my mouth.  The warm explosion of fruit induced an eye roll.  Right next to the strawberry pot is the fig tree, and it has lots of baby fruit on it this year (it's second year).  I want to keep that well watered because I adore figs.  And if all these little babies make it, we will be in fig heaven.  Hmmmm....perhaps bird netting is in order?

The table grapes (red and black) are in the ground now.  Being quite young and tender, they need careful and consistent watering as well.  The hope is they will robustly take over the little canopy frame we put up to hold them.  I had hoped to build an arbor of sorts, but this free frame came our way and could not be refused.  It looks rather weird right now, but I imagine it with grape vines swamping the metal poles in a couple of years time.

The temps got to 108 yesterday and they'll probably get close to that today.  It's a day for laundry to dry on the line.  Free heat!  Clothes dry in no time at all.

No doubt, when hanging the wet laundry, I will be musing about the uplifting weekend I had, while looking for fruit on the lemon tree.  And looking forward to the family visiting this coming weekend.  My grandson will be 5 in August, and he is as adorable as ever (right?).

It's a good Monday.  A good start to the week.  May it be for you as well.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, even if it was 108 degrees. Yikes, that is way (way way way) too hot. But, I'm glad you're figuring it out, when to go out and water the plants and hang the clothes on the line. Always good to spend time with dear friends of the heart.