Friday, June 24, 2016


Well, they've gone and done it, haven't they?

The stock market in the UK is plummeting, and here in the US as well.  People are panicking, only making the situation worse.  Everybody needs to calm the fuck down.  Leave it alone.  Breathe.  Watching PBS News Hour I got a little more information on the majority's choice to leave, and turns out it's more about anti-globalization that I had imagined.  The rhetoric thus far had been about "them damn immigrants!"  It's still about that, I believe, but it's also apparently a backlash against giant global corporations and markets that deny a country its democratic processes.  But what do I know?  It's going to be a little nuts in the near term.  And don't touch them stocks, boys and girls.  Leave 'em where they are.

And how about those House Democrats and their sit in?  Many are mocking it as a worthless stunt, but I personally was inspired.  How else does a minority in that house of thieves get heard?  I listened to many of the speeches and I was deeply moved at times.  I'm sick and tired of a few GOP members blocking any kind of gun control measures.  Blah blah blah.  We have all been here before.  And likely will be again, and again.  I wrote to House Speaker Ryan to give him a piece of my mind.  I was polite, but angry and firm.  What I really wanted to say to him was "FUCK YOU!!!!" but that wouldn't have been at all productive, now, would it?

Health wise, this was an extremely sucky week.  I have been sleeping an inordinate amount and am still exhausted.  My blood sugars are absurdly high.  I have had dreadful sinus headaches.  Each day I feel as if I am walking through gelatin.  And not a pretty, colorful, molded affair either.  But today, ah, today.  I had a massage and not only did it do my body a good turn, it had a very positive impact on my mental state.  It feels like a miracle.

                                  photo by Laurel Harris
I have energy again.  Ah.  I feel awake and alive.  Positively participatory.

And the cherry on top, I got a message from my daughter.  Her friend had her baby boy this a.m.  This dear woman who has been in L.'s life since High School.  The world now spins around mommy, daddy, and baby, but they are in a world of their own for the time being.  I remember the blissful bubble of birth, the radical change that comes with a rush of hormones and complete love.  May they stay in that bubble for as long as possible.  The world can wait.  The world can be a really crappy crappy place.  Which is why, when good things come along, we've got to grab on to them and celebrate like nobody's business.

Dance under the night sky.  Whoop it up with your friends.  Laugh at the absurdity.  Eat really yummy food.  Get a hold of your lover and express yourself.  Call your puppies to cuddle around you while you put up your feet and watch a movie.  Sleep, knowing that for a little while anyway, it's all okay and it will all be okay.  Or it won't, but I don't have to borrow trouble.

Here's wishing you a good weekend.  May you have your moments of joy and wonder.  And if your time is sucky, well then, know that it shall pass.  It always does.  From my heart to yours.


  1. Glad you are feeling better, Tara. It has been quite a week, hasn't it? I have had a terrible case of tinnitus and a headache that won't quit. Probably something I did to my neck while photographing yet one more splendid sky. I think I learned my lesson this time. Always good to end the week with uplifting joy like this. From my heart to your, my dear friend, thank you.

  2. Hi Tara, a beautiful post. I had a bad few days too. Viral induced asthma got me close to the hospital in Cuba, but the nebulizer treatments by the sweet nurse at the Nacional enabled me to fly. Still pretty sick, but most of the trip was fantastic. Photos to come!

    1. oh, girl, i'm so sorry to hear that! that is painful stuff. i'm looking forward to photos of the trip, but rest up and get well first.

  3. Wonderful post and sound, wise advice. Have a great weekend!

  4. Good thoughts and glad the massage helped your body kick back in gear. My week hasn't been great physically either with feet problems. Ack! I had taken my for granted for years and only now realize how critical they are to a LOT of what I need and want to do.

    Like you, the more I've read about the EU and how it's run, the more i've understood this isn't as simple as the media wants to tell us. I think many had the feeling they had no control and those, unelected, anonymous councils, were running things. I got a little understanding of it when my husband was in the Netherlands on business some years back and got a bad cold but could not buy Vitamin C without a prescription. He finally got some when he got to Ireland, who wasn't in the EU. Now those in Britain are saying-- we can make our own laws. I don't think the US would like being in something like that either where it wasn't our choice and we didn't even know the ones whose choice it was.

    The media loves to induce panic, but I think the UK and US will be fine long-term; some of the nations in the EU, who were getting money from the EU tax system, may have more problems. I read that Britain put $20 billion a year into it and got about $10 billion back in benefits to its own nation. In the US, some states have that kind of ratio but at least we vote for our leaders-- even if not in every state (like why does Wisconsin keep electing Ryan?).

    1. I can't site details at this point, but I know that some of the "Free Trade Agreements" we have engaged in put multinational corporate interests ahead of the people, both in the US and Mexico. Environmental laws can be squelched, the democratic process is not in play. While I see benefits in trade, I'm not sure these agreements help the planet or the little people very much. Good for business, though.

    2. I agree. I've heard that also that and that's why Bernie was against the Obama's Trans Pacific deal. It all sounds good but the devil is in the details-- and the corporations are good at those details to benefit them and not workers-- anywhere.