Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Musings

What a great time to be a journalist cartoonist. 

Things got even weirder over the weekend, didn't they?  CIA reported to senior House and Senate members last September and shared classified information that positively linked known Russian players to the email hacks of the DNC and Clinton.  Classified, so these elected representatives, who derive their power directly from the people via popular vote, could not say anything publicly.  Now we know that GOP members refused to reach across the isle and present a united, bipartisan front to denounce the Russians back in September.  Once again, President Obama thought he could find support with the GOP on such a serious national security issue.  Once again, they fucked him, and all of America.  They have no shame.  Not one ounce of it.  Not a fleck.  Not a dust particle.

What happens now?  Heck if I know.  I trust there are people much smarter and more politically savvy than I am who are scrambling to right this wrong.  The talk is, currently, that we need to find out to prevent any future occurrences.  What I'd really like to know, is can this information be used to sway the electoral college to vote for Clinton?  As if they didn't have enough reasons already. 

Or is he going to be sworn in on January 20, 2017, and later be dragged down by what the investigation reveals?  Jaysus Christ, while Clinton was being investigated and hauled before Congress over the Benghazi tragedy, this shit was going down. 

The coup de gras however, is that Drumpf says he doesn't believe the assessment of the Central Intelligence Agency.  What a clusterfuck.  Will nothing take this demagogue down?  (The term gets used a lot these days, and though I believed I knew what it means, I still looked it up:  a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power.)

"These are the times that try mens' souls." wrote Thomas Paine in December of 1776, in his paper entitled "The Crisis."  We are in crisis, now, and how this country meets that crisis will determine if a tyrant, aided by another country, will hold the highest office in our land. 


  1. I am utterly blown away and forlorn about the direction our country is headed. Breaks my already shattered heart anew everyday. I must say though that the cartoons are uplifting, and if I were a better photoshopper I would have made that Trump/Statue of Liberty pic myself. I thought of it way back when pussy grabbing was grabbing the headlines. So glad to see someone had the same idea!

  2. the only way the GOP can hope to get any (even partial) restoration of credibility, is to totally break with Trump.

  3. the word demagogue is custom made for Trump.