Friday, December 9, 2016


I was reading posts on FB yesterday, seeing that people are worn down and exhausted by the tweets by the President Elect (I just threw up a little in my mouth).  The thought occurs to me: what if we all stopped engaging in conversations about his tweets?  They are nothing more than infantile rants which hold no official sway, and he's using them to distract from the real news of his transition team and Carrier deals (so called).  His tweets are causing loyalists to act out violently.  Ok, so maybe that is newsworthy.  But, still...So here's my draft to media outlets:

Dear Editor,
In the name of journalism worthy of our great nation, I implore you to stop printing and broadcasting news of the President Elect's "tweets" on his Twitter account.

His tweets have become a terrible distraction, diverting us from the real news of his transition and future presidency.  My guess is that this is his strategy.  My fear is that he will use tweets instead of press conferences and official statements, thus avoiding questions from the Fourth Estate.  This should undoubtedly be your concern as well. Up to now I have found great humor and pathos in this form of communication from him, but I realize that the entertainment value is hollow and we must now focus on the real news at hand.   

Furthermore, his tweets are stirring up frenzied emotions, which is the last thing our country needs now.  It is the media's job to hold public officials' feet to the fire, especially in times like these.  The citizenry require sober analysis of what is going on with our nation's highest office and administration.  Not tabloid news.  By all means, cover the news about his appointments.  Investigate his every move, vigorously.  But please, no more tweet drama.

So, please, do your job.  Stop doing his job for him.  Our nation is at stake.

Short and sweet, wouldn't you say?  Please borrow it and send to the  news outlets that you pay attention to.


  1. I doubt the media will stop as they are more about making money, but we can avoid sites that cover those tweets. I hear little of the tweets, don't know what he's been saying but I am keeping track of his appointees and what their goals are. I have twitter but only use it for uplifting stuff and my books-- no politics there. I also don't read what others put out-- not sure if they read what I do ;). To me Twitter is not a source for info. When I go there to post something, there will be 20 new ones before I get one up.

  2. Great letter, Tara. I'm just hoping it's not too late to save us from the utter sickening madness that surely awaits us.

  3. Consider trying BBC news, more real news than I can find anywhere here. Not sure why, many really important stories that I find only there. I am forwarding your letter to our main news sources Tara, that will ask them to cover the real news and issues, and true investigation. Further focus and investigation on his tax situation, and his own sending jobs overseas is necessary. I will tell them, if they fail us, I will drop them entirely and rely on other sources.