Friday, December 6, 2013


A friend of mine just started a new job, after being unemployed for nine months.  She's on cloud 9, and states that she is grateful for the routine again.  Her dogs, and her golf clubs, are feeling lonesome, but she is juiced up and ready for the challenge of her new adventure.  I am happy for her, but a little sad because I know she is going to be consumed by her work (very high level, very professional) and I am not going to get to see her as often.  Sigh.  The lament of the retired.

As an old hand at retirement, I know that I have to keep a routine.  I just operate better that way.  It's not a strict regiment but a structure nonetheless.  One of the things that is keeping me busy and stimulated is my photography class -- I am really visually and mentally juiced up once again and I think it shows in my work.  On the advice of my teacher, I purchased a new camera, which has really stepped up my game tremendously.  The images are so clear and sharp.  It's a small class, just 15 of us, and it's been quite the education, even for this old hand at photography.  We'll be publishing a book of our best work in the spring.  When it's on-line, I'll provide a link.

Happy Friday to you all, and here's hoping you are doing something that gets your blood pumping!


  1. Happy Friday! I am really enjoying my semi-retirement and hope to get rid of the semi soon.
    The challenge has been to create a routine, since I spent 3 decades building my routines around my children and the pursuit of the almighty dollar.
    Nice to come up for air and enjoy the luxury of time, working on the property, reading, writing, cooking interesting food. Sometimes lonely, but I'm learning to embrace those moments and evolve because of them. Your photos have always been wonderful, keep going!

  2. Happy to hear that you are continuing to put your energy into your photography. I've enjoyed seeing your recent photos.

  3. I sure like that photo of you and the camera. You look like a girl in it-- excited and focused

    1. funny you should say I look like a girl -- my older sister says it reminds her of photos of me when I was a girl, all dressed up for Easter. Something in there, youthful, is manifesting. It's certainly how I feel when in the creative flow.


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