Friday, December 27, 2013

Trains, Cars, and Kneesocks

So many happy scenes from Christmas, but I'll choose this one to share today. Trains and cars were the big hit this year -- and a lovely wood kitchen set with pots and pans and food in bright colors. My second Christmas waking up with this lovely grand son of mine -- priceless. Best. Gift. Ever. I played with my cell phone application called "ColorBurst" and that's how I made this photo. I forgot my serious camera (damn!) in my rush to get on the road, so the cell phone had to do. And then this morning my daughter sent me this shot, which caused me to screech with laughter.

Now I want my own Superman knee socks!


  1. SO CUTE! Love those socks!

  2. Great sox! And the saggy dipe will probably not be a feature of future xmas photos. Heh.

  3. I hope those colors don't run....

  4. Love the socks. Goodness he is growing isn't he? And even more adorable.


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