Friday, May 16, 2014


Happy Friday, peeps.  If all goes well, I'll be giving blood today.  Last week my hemoglobin was too low and so I was advised to take iron for a week and return.

It's been a good week -- albeit terribly hot outside.  But as I watch wildfires rage in Southern California, I count my lucky stars.  I used to live in San Diego.  I remember those Santa Ana winds that drove fires like a little red Corvette.  My grandmother lived in Rancho Bernardo the last years of her life.  RB is currently on fire.  Seriously.

Speaking of my grandmother, Nadine Alice Tilley Robinson, I dug up an old family photo for FB Throwback Thursday.  Here it is:

If I've got this right, my great grandmother is on the right, and her sister Ada Lou Goodale Bigelow is on the left.  This was probably made around 1900.  My grandmother was born in 1912.  Folks on FB really liked the photo, and I love to tell the story of my independent and talented great great aunt.  Family lore has it that she was, at the tender age of 17, working as an assistant to photographer Roland Reed, who asked her father permission to take her along on a trip to photograph Blackfoot Indians.  Their association was a long one, and he eventually sold his studio in Coronado to her after 1915.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. My hemoglobin count was actually DOWN by two points.  Now I have to wait 12 weeks and test again.  Somebody infuse me with some iron, please.


  1. I'd love to hear the music they are playing. Your great grandmother's hair is astonishingly long and beautiful. My mother was born in 1916. I have a photo of my father's mother and her sisters wearing dresses like that and standing next to an upright piano in the late 1800s. Fascinating details in this old photo. Hope your weekend goes well.

  2. I love the photograph and the stories it tells. Have a good weekend yourself.

  3. Tara, this is a truly remarkable photo! So full of details, each with its own story. I especially love that some of the pictures on the wall are askew. And the hairstyles! Good god!!

  4. Hello Tara! Ama Lou Tilley and John Milton Stevens are my paternal grandparents. I have found your "Tilley's Blog" page and thoroughly enjoyed it! I love this photograph, and all others you've posted:) My dad, J. Daniel Stevens knows your dad, Patrick, and have fond memories! Feel free to contact me:) Jill Nicholson,


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