Sunday, September 21, 2014

Moving Mountains

My husband took this photo of me yesterday, while we were at breakfast with the bike club.  It took some amount of effort on my part to get my butt out the door, but I did it by chanting something I learned in group therapy, "Do the opposite, do the opposite."  So when my grumpy old self whined, "I don't wanna go to breakfast!" I headed myself off at the pass.

And I'm glad I did.  We shopped at the Farmer's Market and picked up some excellent lamb, potatoes, pears, onions, a plum.  I used the slow cooker and made a delicious lamb stew that melted in our mouths at dinner time.

While the mister was busy busy busy taking care of business, I sat outside with my book, Mountains beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder, about Dr. Paul Farmer.  Farmer has dedicated his life to providing medical care, health education and improved living conditions to the poorest of the poor in Haiti.  It's inspirational, and a darned good read.  This man is motivation on steroids.  The book was listed on one of my friend's "favorite books" list, which is why I picked it up at the library.  And when I have little to no energy and want to stay quiet and small, it is a balm to read about good people in the world.  Add that to an afternoon nap on top of the down comforter with my little chihuahua breathing softly, the fragrant stew smells wafting through the house, and you've got a recipe for healing. 


  1. I like your recipe for healing. It sounds perfect.

  2. Sounds good and that's a great photo of a lovely lady

  3. It is indeed a balm to soothe the soul when we read about true humanitarians who give so much and ask so little.

  4. a friend who is a nurse is heading to Haiti in November. i'm sure she's read this book, but i thought it was quite interesting in a synchronistic way to read this post today!


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