Friday, December 19, 2014


We did our errands in the pouring rain this morning.  Dashing in and out of stores just as the real downpours came alive.  I am glad of it.  We still needs lots of rain here in California.  I saw two satellite photos on the news last night -- one taken in October when the earth was brown, and the latest one a couple of days ago showing bright green with lots of snow in the Sierra range.  We had a sink hole open up along the highway near our home.  The Starbucks nearby looked precarious.  I have no idea what the final outcome was.

When we returned home, we  unpacked our loot, had lunch, and began a little housekeeping.  I was dumping dust, dirt and dog hair into the trash can under the kitchen sink and happened to look up and out the window.  A car had pulled over in front of the house and its occupants were looking at me.  Or so I thought.  Upon further inspection, here is what they were looking at:

I called my husband, "Turkeys in the yard! Turkeys in the yard" and thinking quickly he brought his camera with our brand new telephoto lens.  We quietly opened the front door and he began shooting.  Thank goodness for the new lens!

Too bad we just ordered our Christmas turkey from the co-op.

It continues to pour...I am thankful for a warm and cozy house, warm doggie animals, a well-stocked refrigerator, and the classical music station broadcasting from Paris, France.  And, of course, a husband who can dash outside in the rain for some fun photos.  Nice job, sweetie.

Happy Friday, friends.


  1. What a great neighborhood you have there. Wonderful turkey photos! Enjoy the rain there. We're expecting almost 2 inches tomorrow. We're glad for all of it and try to take our walks whenever there is a break in downpours.

  2. yay! raining off and on here, too. and -- have encountered the wild turkeys on the street here, yes we have.

  3. Love the turkeys in the yard. I wish the rain would trickle more slowly and over a longer period of time. But this is better than nothing.

  4. I always enjoy wildlife in the yard. I've lived in places where deer are grazing on the lawn, coyotes are roaming the streets, raccoons are abundant, mountain lions, but never before turkeys. They look quite out of place on our suburban streets. And they look delicious.....

  5. Great turkey pics! My favorite turkey story occurred some years ago when we lived in a tiny cottage located in an arid little arroyo behind a large Victorian vineyard estate, The owner went to sell it and called in a high powered Sotheby's agent to assess the viability of the 'visuals'. One day a large Mercedes pulled up in front of our little rundown abode and out stepped six inch heels and a $300.00 dollar hair job in a black suit. The agent determined that the cottage had to go or be 'reformed'. So, it was painted and a barren little stretch near the front was planted with shiny green turf and a very expensive sprinkler system. The long and short of it that our flock of wild turkey's, who were here-to-fore, had lived further up the canyon decided to make it their primary landing pad. You can imagine what several months of turkey poop added to the value of the visuals. On the good side, they did make very effective watch turkeys.


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