Friday, January 16, 2015


Mirroring the weather outside, my mind is in a fog. I have managed to get my quarterly taxes paid and completed all the paperwork for Cuba trip, but those two acts required a focus and steely reserve that yours truly often lacks.  I just might spend the entire week in Cuba sleeping on a beach. Who cares that we have spent a bundle to workshop with one of the world's top photographers? Priorities, darlings, priorities.

But, getting back to the beach, maybe I should spend my entire week there sitting in the single spot photographing whomever and what ever goes by. Perhaps I would get a reputation as the Americana loco who is burning her tender white skin on Havana beaches? Slathered in sunscreen and drinking tropical icy Blends while dozing in the sun, photographing while trying to keep the lens sand free and lotion free and really not worried about it at all because what the hell I'm happy in the sun away from the fog and I really don't give a damn.

See, this is the kind of fantasy that unrelenting fog provokes. Sand and tropical sun and doing absolutely nothing -- nada. Es todo muy bueno.  Donde es mi cerveza?

stock shot i found on pintrest
Hope you have a good weekend, whatever it is you are doing.


  1. You guys are both gifted at photography, so it'll be interesting to me to see what you come back from this workshop doing. I have heard of others going to Cuba now on educational workshops. Interesting times :). The photos should be really interesting-- even if only on the beach ;)

  2. Fog is my least favorite weather condition. It's what drove me away from Eugene, Or and Port Townsend, Wa. Yes, it is foggy here on the north coast, but it's mostly a summertime thing, and it often burns off. I understand your fog angst. Cuba will be so sunny and warm.

  3. sorry babe, I've got the beach reserved.....


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