Friday, February 27, 2015


A friend sent me this image, in response to my post on wage equity and equality for women.  I heartily agree with the sentiment.  But, as I said, I'm a trouble maker, so there you go.

One of my better moments (read: ill-behaved) was many years ago on a backpacking trip at Mt. Lassen.

K and I had been hiking all day, weary and happy, we set up camp next to a tranquil pond in the middle of the forest.  We spent the afternoon there, basking in the sun and the stillness.  An occasional crack of branches alerted us to splendid animal specimens passing through.

One crack, however, was wholly unwelcome.  A troop of Boy Scouts was coming through, whooping and hollering, pulling dead limbs off trees and generally disturbing the entire vibe of the environment.  Tearing a gigantic hole in the space-time continuum.  It became clear, from the sound of their voices across the pond that they had decided to set up camp there.  Oh. Dear. Gawd.

We groused, we fumed.  We talked about moving our camp.  Paradise lost.  Crap.

Moved to action, I quickly stripped myself naked, stood on the bank, and plunged into the pond making as much noise as I could.  Out I came, laughing and sputtering about how cold it was but - oh - how delicious!  K was laughing his head off.  And from across the pond came the sound of male grownup voices telling the scouts to move on, to find a better camp sight.  Little voices cried out, "There's a naked lady!"  Mission accomplished.

They moved on, their disturbance echoing throughout the forest as they marched on.  I came out of the water, flopped onto a towel at the shore, and congratulated myself on one of the most brilliant problem-solving techniques ever.

Here's to being a trouble-maker.  Have a great weekend.


  1. What a solution! lol Would have made a great photo op too, i bet ;)

  2. Great trouble-making story, tara. A wonderful thoughtful beautifully naked way to send those boy scouts packing.

  3. Great way to solve a problem. You have more courage than I and I salute you.

    1. I don't know about courage -- I just wanted my peace and quiet back! What lengths I was willing to go to for that!

  4. The naked truth wins every battle, if not the war! :-)

  5. If I'd known this sort of thing happened I would have joined the Scouts.



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