Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday Musings

Yesterday there was a rip in the universe for moi.  First thing in the morning, I learned the singer Ronnie Gilbert had died at 88.  Rest in peace, Dear Lady.  You were my hero.  The workshop I took with you years ago was a peak experience in my life.

Second thing in the morning, maybe an hour later, I find out a friend has died.  She died last month; I hadn't been in contact for several years and had attempted to get back in touch back in April.  Too young, too vital, too wonderful to go so soon.  Many tears flowed yesterday; many fantastic memories of my time with her.  My one big regret is that we weren't in touch.  I figured I had time.  Pancreatic cancer waits for no one.

Third thing: a loved one is seriously ill and finding a doc who will take a serious look has been a nightmare.  Meanwhile, her health deteriorates.  C'mon, people.  Figure. This. Out.

I am reminded that another friend who died last year had his birthday yesterday and his husband is grieving deeply.

Coinciding with these things, I discover two of my on-going but infrequent health issues have reared their ugly heads.  Nothing to be done for either one of them but to take care of myself and ride them out.

Thank you, thank you, for my dear husband.  For my dear friends whom I've been able to talk with yesterday.  For all the many good good things in this life.

My husband and I have been watching the Life series from BBC.  Mother nature is not sentimental.  She cares not one whit if creatures live or die.  She is indifferent.  Somehow, we humans believe that we are privileged to live above the fray.  But we don't.  And we are not.  Sure, I don't have to be concerned with being eaten each time I exit my front door.  I didn't bare eggs and then have to die to feed my offspring my body, their one good chance at life.  So, yes, I guess I am privileged.  But not immune.  Most times I can comfortably fool myself.  Yesterday was not one of those days.

I'll leave you with a marvelous clip that affirms life.


  1. Good wake-up call to all of us. Time is fleeting and none of us are immune to the indifference of Mother Nature. Love the video.

  2. I like your attitude, Tara. Even on a bad day like yesterday, you found a way to balance it all with love, friendship, and beauty.

  3. Life does seem to go in spurts like that where we get a lot all at once. Not sure why either but doubtless explains the old wives' tale that bad things go in threes.

  4. Emily Dickinson once wrote something to the effect that at the apex of joy and the nadir of grief lies the still point of the perfect moment. That's when we know tears in heart goes out to you. xxxooo M

  5. ((( Tara ))) Sometimes way too much comes all at once. Last year, I lost my MIL, 3 longtime colleagues and friends, and another friend. 3 of them were our age; another, like your friend, went fast from pancreatic cancer. And there was some more crap, too.

    Wishing the best for your loved one, and for your own health issues. xoxoxo

    1. Wish I had that magic wand, but powering through with humor, love, and an interest in the world around you is probably the best medicine. Or at least, that's all I've got. Tell me if you find more! xoxo

  6. I am so sorry to hear of all this personal loss. Life is not for --- what? The faint of heart? We're all faint-hearted, then, or bursting at the seams. That video is incredible.

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