Friday, July 17, 2015


Seems as if money always wins. if you're in the way of somebody making money, you don't mean dick.

I was watching a video about gentrification in San Francisco's Mission District.  SF now has the highest rate of income inequality in the United States.  New tech boom, babies, and those people have got money.

I had my own run in recently with my bank, my ex and a collection agency.  I got the short end of the stick.  Despite all my efforts to protect myself legally.  Four years ago I did what I could, what the bank told me they could do and could not do.  I took their advice and this week it all came back to bite me in the ass.  Well, now it's done and taken care of.  The last vestige of a painful divorce.  Good bye, so long, farewell.  And I'm not going to be banking there anymore.  I wish I knew how to make an icon of a middle finger.  I'd place it here.

Money means somebody like Trump can run for freakin' President of these United States.  I wonder  how many people have been displaced by Trump building projects?  Don't matter.  They were in his way and there was money to be made.  Pffft.  Money means men like the Bush brothers are elevated well beyond their capabilities, and people actually pay attention to them.  Have you ever watched the film The One Percent?  Oh, the humanity.


Well, hope I've succeeded in brightening your weekend. 


  1. And we can thank our Supreme Court for making the Citizens United ruling to add to the very rich and buy candidates with impunity.

  2. It always amazes me how the one percent can ruin the entire planet for the rest of us. How selfish, self-centered, and pyschopathic can they be? Completely. Sorry to hear about your money woes. Damn.

  3. Oy, Tara! What a nasty blast from the past. Glad it is taken care of, but wow. xoxoxo


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